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November 25, 2014 Tue UTC
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September 2014 Astrology Summary

Jupiter in Leo 2014

My apologies on the lateness of the September summary. September and October are my two busiest months of the year and I always feel like I am a step behind the times, no matter how much planning I make. So, jumping in here on the first day of Venus moving into Virgo (September 5), our ideas of financial security and beautification will shift drastically into more practical concepts and beyond the fru-froo. There is a sensual energy radiating while Venus glides through Virgo. We just need to remember that the sensuality is more introverted and self-directed, and definitely not extroverted, nor exploitive.

The first few days of Venus in Virgo, September 6 - 8, we should also notice more drive and focus in our creative expressions. On September 9, the Full Moon in Pisces will also contribute to our creative drive. Mercury in Libra will oppose Pluto in Capricorn, which can mess with our thinking and logic. Pluto's strength will always over-ride Mercury's quick-wit. Between September 7 and September 12, do the research necessary before activating any changes. Between September 9 and September 11, our romantic tendencies will be sparked. Venus will oppose Neptune in Pisces on September 10. This should not be too much of a hindrance, despite the opposition aspect. We are likely to want to do good for others. Just avoid any ideas of martyrdom since that's not helping anyone, at any level.

Starting around September 13 through September 17, we are likely to under-think things. We are likely to lack direction and focus while Mercury opposes Uranus in Aries. On September 13, Mars will leave Scorpio behind and we will be more rash with our choices. Not only are we more accident prone, so are others. Best to just "lay low" for the next few days. Drive more cautiously. Watch out for the other guy, both on the road, and off! September 14, Venus will try to play nice while trine to Pluto. But again, Pluto trumps just about everything that aspects it. Don't expect too much from this one.

Finally, September 22, we start to get back on track and down to business. The seasonal equinox of change as the Sun shifts into Libra, will provide redirection. Mars in Sagittarius will square Neptune today so we may feel a little confused for a few days. The best counter-measure is to journal or blog the events to keep track of what went down. Keeping track helps us to look back with a better memory. For the most success, get rid of the Pollyannaish rose-colored glasses. Get real and Think real. Between September 22 and September 30, are some of the strongest vibrations for success and business sense. The New Moon in Libra on September 24 contributes to the positive activity. Jupiter in Leo's trine to Uranus in Aries is a strong contributor to the energies. Sudden flashes of creative ideas are promoting change in a good way.

September 27, Mercury will move into Scorpio and September 29, Venus will move into Libra. Deep thinking with desires for fairness will tinge our attitudes through the end of the month.

The September astrology forecast is online.

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