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July 01, 2016 Fri UTC
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Spring 2016 Astrology Summary

Apologies that the winter summary was not posted. It was a very rough season for me with web and email server issues, holidays, employment and graduate classes. Rather than struggle to look back as what is already passed, I am opting to move to the spring summary.

As spring (fall in southern hemisphere) equinox begins on March 20, we are likely to feel revitalized with the shift of Sun moving directly over the equator.

The first week of spring has several potentials for improved romance and our determination to accomplish tasks is likely to be more positive. During this week, Mercury will move into Aries, Jupiter will make the exact square to Saturn while Venus forms a square to Saturn.

The second week of spring may accelerate our drive and ambitions while Mercury trines Saturn and squares Pluto in the process of forming a conjunction to Uranus in Aries.

The first week of April, Mercury will move into Taurus while Venus moves into Aries. This has the potential of improving our outlook in the romance department, once again. On the other hand, if romance is lagging, money situations have the potential of improving.

On April 19, the Sun will ingress Taurus, which tends to cause us to want to improve our home environments. For the most part, the majority of April could be fairly low-key until there are specific aspects being formed to your personal chart.

May heats up right away with more potentials in the romance and/or finance sector of life. Venus will sextile Neptune and Trine Jupiter. Friendships are likely to strengthen around the 10th of May. Mid-May, Venus will trine Pluto shortly before moving into Gemini. After that, be more cautious with love and money as Venus will be making some challenging aspects until mid-June.

May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini for the last month of spring. Our drive and vision are improving the last week of May. Jupiter and Saturn will form another exact square on May 26. Mars retrograde will move back into Scorpio, which is a good transit for Mars. Mercury will trine Pluto giving us valuable insight.

The first week of June could be difficult for many of us as we may feel off both physically and emotionally. This is a good time to back off. Don't push so hard. This can be a good time to cleanse our minds and physical space of clutter.

The last week of spring, our romance sector may click back into place and our imagination has the potential for expanding our talents and awareness.

The Sun moves into Cancer on Jun 20, 2016.

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The Daily Moon Signs

Lunar Living's Daily Moon Signs page will provide most of the important moon placement information for the here and now. The Moon sign, degree and minutes, the percent of illumination, the phase, and the void of course or not void of course, are all provided on the Moon Signs page. Scroll down the page to read more about the moon sign characteristics along with the moon phase traits to understand how to use that energy for the day.

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