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April 24, 2014 Thu UTC
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March 2014 Astrology Summary

Happy Mardi Gras & St. Patrick's Day

Most likely, you are already starting to feel the affects of the Eclipses set for April, 2014. The Lunar Eclipse of Libra is April 15 (lunar saros series 122 - full moon) and the Solar Eclipse of Taurus is April 29 (solar saros series 148 - new moon).

This month, the full moon of Virgo is on March 16th. The first new moon of Pisces in March is on March 1st and the second new moon of Aries is on March 30th. Spring will arrive as the Sun moves out of Pisces and into Aries on March 20th.

There are several planetary stations occurring close together. Mercury stationed direct (switched from retrograde motion to forward motion) on February 28th. Mars stations retrograde (the opposite of station direct) on March 1st. Saturn stations retrograde on March 2nd and Jupiter stations direct on March 6th. Hence, in this first week of March, we may feel as though we are learning some crazy new dance moves as we negotiate the shift of energies.

Aside from the Sun's transit into Aries, Venus will ingress Aquarius on Ash Wednesday, March 5th. Mercury will ingress Pisces on March 17th; St. Patrick's Day.

Business and Romance are the accentuated themes the first week of March. March 14th - 17th will highlight our emotional sensitivities and moodiness. Between March 20th to 26th, our energy and drive should kick into high gear. Romance will come back into fashion March 29th - 31st.

The March astrology forecast is online.

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Lunar Nodes Explained
Featured Article by Maritha Pottenger

Lunar Living Astrology provides several articles about the Moon's nodes and how they tie into astrology. The most popular articles are "Lunar Nodes Explained" and a featured article by Maritha Pottenger, "Nodes of the Moon." Some basic facts about the nodes, to get you started, are that the nodes are always opposite of each other, are almost always moving backwards (retrograde) and that the nodes are not stars, planets or asteroids; they are mathematical points in the sky. Please read the pieces to learn the significance of the lunar nodes in astrology.

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Apr 5 Venus enters Pisces
Apr 7 Mercury enters Aries
Apr 13 Moon passes over equator southward
Apr 14 Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn
Apr 15 ** Libra Lunar Eclipse **
Apr 20 Sun enters Taurus
Apr 23 Mercury enters Taurus
Apr 26 Moon passes over equator northward
Apr 29 ** Taurus Solar Eclipse **
May 3 Venus enters Aries

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