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Sun Sun Signs in Virgo 6° 45'
Moon Moon Signs in Libra 27° 44'
August 30, 2014 Sat UTC
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August 2014 Astrology Summary

Jupiter in Leo 2014

While the crazy summer weather continues, there is hope that much of it will settle down. Unfortunately, the month could feel like an emotional roller coaster so we may not even notice the weather that much.

The beginning of August feels very productive as our drive, motivation and ambition will seem considerably stronger. Then we have a few low-keyed, kick-back days between August 4 and August 8. Starting, August 9, activities pick-up and obligations will force us to rethink our plans. However, emotionally, we may feel somewhat depressed and inclined to withdraw until after the Full Moon.

On August 10, we will navigate through the Aquarius Full Moon and gradually pull ourselves back up by our bootstraps to get on track emotionally. By August 15, we should feel more optimistic. We may even feel an urge to party with friends and family. This desire for more fun will last over the next three to four days. so we need to take advantage quickly.

August 24, we need to regroup because we may end up back in a low-functioning mode again. Our minds will be more alert and clear this time, but our emotions may be in a five-day funk from Sunday through Thursday. This includes the New Moon in Virgo on August 25.

The remainder of the month, starting from August 27 to August 31, we will gradually start feel better once again. Romance helps to bring us back to our old selves, and lifts our spirits. We will become more optimistic again. Our creative side will be reflected in our visions and inspiration. But, we do need to listen to our bodies. Be prepared to ease off if we experience more than usual aches and pains.

The August astrology forecast is online.

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The Daily Moon Signs

Lunar Living's Daily Moon Signs page will provide most of the important moon placement information for the here and now. The Moon sign, degree and minutes, the percent of illumination, the phase, and the void of course or not void of course, are all provided on the Moon Signs page. Scroll down the page to read more about the moon sign characteristics along with the moon phase traits to understand how to use that energy for the day.

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Aug 10 ** Aquarius Full Moon **
Aug 12 Venus enters Leo
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Aug 25 ** Virgo New Moon **
Aug 27 Moon passes over equator southward
Sep 2 Mercury enters Libra

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