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August 02, 2014 Sat UTC
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July 2014 Astrology Summary

Summer has finally blasted in!

Mercury stations direct in Gemini on July 1, and moves back through its retrograde shadow until the 17th. Mercury will move back into Cancer on July 13th. The retrograde impacted event will require that we put things back in order until then.

We are likely to be more accident prone between July 7 and 10. Distractions could cause us to lose focus or we may simply be taking unnecessary risks.

July 11 to 15 is the first of two romantic influxes of July. The second is July 27 to 30th. We can use this time to patch up some of the misunderstandings we were involved in last month.

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 12 encourages us to think more about our career and social reputation. We may find it more difficult to balance family matters in direct relation to our work environments.

Jupiter will leave Cancer on July 16, and our luck, expansions and optimism will become influenced by the energies of Leo. The Jupiter in Leo report is on sale until July 27 in our online store. Plenty of other reports are on sale this month too, for our 13th anniversary!

Venus will move into Cancer on July 18, adding more significance to our interpersonal relationships at home and with our families.

Saturn will station direct on the 20th in Scorpio. This will be the last retrograde in this sign from Saturn this year and we can work harder now to get these Scorpio ruled affairs in order.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22. We are likely to see a subtle shift in our attitudes at this time. Business, success oriented activities as well as luck and optimism are likely to improve for about three days. With this, comes a double edged sword of transits. Individuals who are naturally inclined towards anxiety and/or compulsions may slump emotionally during this period. Rest is a crucial component during these few very hectic days.

The New Moon in Leo and Mars moving into Scorpio occur on July 26th, and that second boost of romance can quickly pull us out of the doldrums, if we take the risk. Also, our drive and ambition is likely to perk back up through the last few days of the month. Mercury will move into Leo on July 31.

The July astrology forecast is online.

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