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What happens when the Lunar Eclipse hits my ??? House?

Eclipses can certainly have an impact on us depending on where they fall within our chart. The Solar Eclipses are very “self” oriented in their effects. The Lunar Eclipse is more of an inner awaking of others around us. Depending on the placement in one's chart, it can be quite emotional. The affects are even more profound when it is a Total eclipse and/or occurs close to a natal planetary placement. In a sense, the ecliptic sequence (since they always arrive with a minimum of one two events approximately two weeks apart), provide a one-two punch that can manifest in life changes. Take a moment to look at the Solar Eclipse in the house events and compare them to the list of Lunar house events below.

Consider also, whether the Lunar Eclipse arrives before or after the Solar Eclipse. Another consideration is whether there are more than two eclipses that occur within 30 days since that can provide additional energies for us to deal with. The first eclipse in the sequence is always the preparation or it elicits the initial responses for action. The following eclipses become the reactionary phase.

When a Lunar Eclipse is the initial eclipse, this suggests that the emotional state of being is heightened in our desire to react. When it follows a Solar Eclipse, then we experience more of an “emotional fallout” as a result of our need to react. We are likely to experience the nature of these emotions based on the House Placements of the Sun and the Moon as they are opposing one another.

Below is a list of the 12 possible house placements and some of the possibilities that we might experience with a Lunar Eclipse. Remember, these are provided simply as a guide to the potentials. Each potential is likely to extend well beyond any of the examples provided below.

Sun in House

Moon in House

Lunar Eclipse Activity Potentials

You are in a position of choosing the outcome, particularly in a relationship situation – Keep a partner; snag a new partner; or release a partner.  Legal matters could also be at issue. This is an excellent time for resolution to your benefit, even if you don’t end up winning the lawsuit. Enemies are likely to leave you alone at this point if you tell them to. Peace is at hand with this transit, if you choose.
An excellent period for matters involving material goods. It tends to be a transformative period involving sex, death, and/or taxes. Sex does not necessarily mean “the act” but could involve sexual organs or an awareness of a sexual concept. Death also does not necessarily mean “literal death” but could involve the death of an outdated idea or situation so that you can begin anew. Taxes, on the other hand, mean taxes and tax debt.  No pseudonym for that one.
New cultural awareness (or differences) without leaving your neighborhood. Or, in the alternative, traveling a long distance in a very short period of time. Both are possibilities with the Third and Ninth houses are involved. Religion, spiritual philosophies, or education are also possibilities. Using education as an example, this is likely a time to let go of some work obligations so that you can return to school or, in the alternative, a time to finish up the education to return to the work force.
An awakening of the family to public scrutiny because of one’s career is one possibility. Another might involve a new sense of familial power or authority within a family situation that did not exist in the past. The emphasis is on family and career priorities. The home in the form of real estate may also become the issue demanding your attention.
There may be an emotional need to join an organization as a means to satisfy the feeling of “belonging.” This is frequently a time when we step up to take on leadership roles within organizations that we already belong to. Another possible focus is children or pleasure derived from your creative side. It is not uncommon for the individual to discover that he/she is soon going to become a parent around the time of this Lunar event occurring in the 5th or 11th houses.
There is a likely to be an emotional need to turn inward for a period of time to listen to the inner messages. Others may also be drawn to you in an effort to be heard as they may feel your ability to truly understand their current situation. This is a period of heightened empathy. Be careful not to become too worn out in trying to help others solve their problems, lest it become your problem too. It is a time where we need to listen to our body’s physical and emotional needs. Remember to exercise sensibly, get plenty of fresh air, eat with your health in mind and make sure to get plenty of rest.
The Lunar event in the first house can be one where you virtually wear your emotions on your sleeve. You may feel unable to contain or constrain your emotions. Everyone and their neighbor will likely know exactly how you are feeling. You may not feel like you have much control within relationships, either. The events may move so quickly that the situation with your partner is “said and done” before you even had a chance to sort out what you really want.
Discovering a need to receive something from someone else. A sense of self-security may be an issue highlighted at this time. Values based on self-worth and how that relates to others as the most basic level might become an issue. Your code of ethics – the rules that govern your sense of right and wrong – may be questioned or validated by others.
Education and belief systems are sometimes at odds at this time. One could call this the eclipse of wisdom and knowledge given and received. Grandparents and grandchildren tend to learn something from each other. A sibling or neighbor may also have an emotional pull. This could be a time of learning the importance of basic and higher education regardless of whether than means actually attending school or graduating from the school of hard knocks.
There might be a change in residence soon as a result of your job. It could indicate a form of retirement from your work or a need/desire to spend more time at home. A common theme is the emotional need redecorate or reconstruct the “home” or the ideal of home. Can be also bring a new awareness of balancing your time between home and career in the most productive manner without sacrificing one for the other. Childhood memories are frequently the underlying emotional base for change or conflict.
While there is the possibility that you might become more involved in social organizations, it is more likely that you will only do so, if you have the extra time already available to you. More likely, you look for emotional pleasures from creative projects or envision the potentials from taking a risk. Love can blossom or a new baby might be just around the corner. If you have children, you may find that they take center stage by needing you more now, or that you are feeling torn as they grow up and move away so quickly. While this may be a “lucky” period for you, do not get drawn into the gambling mode that can ultimately take away all your pleasure in the game.
The Sun in the 12th house can indicate a time of self-awareness about restrictions. Health could be the subject that we focus on, but the overall outcome is typically positive. It could feel like a release from the chains that were binding you. A new outlet or a new perspective is on the horizon. You may find a new sense of empowerment by helping others in new ways.

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