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The Nodes Know - (Continued from part 1)

The delicate act of balancing the energy expressed by the nodes may not always become easier with life experience. Although so often, it is life-experience that pushes us to make better use of the high points of the South Node placement to open up and receive the gifts of the North Node placement.

I have created two charts below. The first chart is keywords in the house placements. The second chart is the North Node through the signs. Use the Sign chart along with the House placements to help you find the areas where your karmic lessons are stored in your chart based on the North and South Node placements. If you do not know your chart, you will need to create one or have someone explain your chart to you so that you can find this karmic information for yourself. There are many resources online, including on this site. Check out my page for some online chart calculators.

North Node Benefits by House

South Node Detriments by House


Personality, outward appearances, temperament observed by others


Fears being alone, indecisive, over/under grooms self, resents advice


Earnings, skills, self-worth, investments, material gains


Unusual sexual proclivities, extremist, uninterested in others' money, resents needing anything


Travels close to home, siblings, neighbors, mental acuity, communication


Ridicules others, religious zealot, unreliable, fears other cultures


Parents, real estate, private life, savings, childhood memories


Straitlaced, narrow-minded towards authority, dislikes being at home


Creativity, children, developing love, hobbies, talents


Excessive worries about others, egotistical, easily flattered, spiteful


Peers, co-workers, service to others, health and diet


Daydreamer, co-dependant, excessive moodiness, addictive tendencies


Close relationships, marriage, partnerships, open enemies


Impulsive, hyperactive, inattentive, cold towards others


Sexual tendencies, surgeries, legacies, financial transactions


Extreme shyness, self-indulgent, lacks confidence, vain, introverted


Cultural exchanges, philosophies, advanced education, religion


Immature, fickle, sarcastic, overly analytical, insensitive to others


Career, social reputation, destiny, public life, authorities


Childish or childlike, overly emotional, fears success, dismissive of authority


Friends and acquaintances, hopes and dreams, social associations


Exaggerates, hogs the spotlight, narcissistic, smugness, melodramatic


Latent talents, unknown enemies, solitude, confinements, rebirth, self-sacrifice


Jealous, compulsive, over critical, fastidious, hypochondriac


Zodiac Sign

Productively Applying the Nodal Energies


Striving for independence and self-sufficiency, self-confidence. Develop a sense of ambition.


Develop a sense of practicality with material objects and values. Reduce greed and become more relaxed. Strive for self-worth


Gather knowledge, not trivia. Use mind for inner peace. Avoid gossiping.  Strive for wisdom


Learning to nurture others. Develop self-mastery.  Express sincere emotions towards others.


Understand selfless love. Develop appreciation for talents. Learn how to take risks without hurting self or others.


Foster productivity without criticism. Mentor others. Develop good health habits.


Living & working harmoniously with others. Developing the art of cooperation and the art of forgiveness.


Moving beyond the physical pleasures into the mind and spiritual pleasures. Developing self-control. Avoiding manipulation and obsessions.


Learning how to finish projects starting from the ground up. Act with honesty and ethics.  Develop tolerance of others.


Master self-discipline.  Accept self-responsibility.  Develop emotional balance.


Develop acceptance without restraint.  Build on commitment without possessive ideals.  Learning how to fit into the bigger picture.


Finding happiness with life as it is. Developing healthy emotional outlets.  Building productivity without perfectionism.

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