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2024 March Equinox
March 20, 2024 — June 20, 2024

Here we are at the seasonal March Equinox. Nothing too stressful with this one. Now that the Sun in Aries has moved out of the conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, we are able to evaluate situnations more clearly. Pluto, in Aquarius, is sextile to the Sun, which can mean that we are better at investigating information that, in the past, seemed out of our realm of comprehension. The Sun is forming a trine to the Moon in Leo, which is tied back into Pluto with a wedge. Our emotions are likely to play a role in how we react. There's even the possibility of a bit of melodrama in it all. The season opens us up to new possibilities, but it is our role to step outside of the fantasies that we are "wishing for" and into the realities that will make our lives more fulfilled. Our clouds can have silver linings if we put some effort into positive outcomes.

Mercury is in Aries, and we will experience the retrograde motion April 1 through April 25. Plan accordingly to get the best results. The only other planet that will station retrograde this season is Pluto on May 2, lasting through October 12. For the most part, Pluto will stay in the sign of Aquarius, until September.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct in Pisces sextile to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This may give us an unearned sense of positivity. We may think that everything is going exactly as planned, only to realize later, that was not the case. Success and finances may seem stable enough, yet, we are merely one decision away from it all blowing up in our faces.

With this Equinox, there are mostly productive placements and aspect alignments. We can get started on projects that should, for the most part, move along smoothly. Granted, there are also potentials for setbacks, but the chart for this Equinox reflects enough balance between the planets and signs to give us the ability to start over and work through any issues. There are likely to be periods where we have to think and rethink something until we are able to make a complete commitment to a task. Thinking ideas through is definitely not a negative situation, unless we get stuck in a loop and try to overthink, without ever making any advances.

March 20, 2024 Solsice Chart

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Moon Sign Calculator

Lunar astrology involves knowing which sign the moon is transiting. The moon sign calculator is specific for the moon's placement based on time, day, hemisphere and region. This moon calculator is considerably different than our planet calculator. If you are only wanting to know what sign the moon was in on a particular day, this calculator will find that for you.

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