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Updates on Lunar Living

Since doing the website rebuild on a new server in May, we have had no more problems with security. The pages are back on the SSL certificate now and we have had fewer problems with spam bots, etc. If you ever notice anything on Lunar Living that concerns you, relative to security, please feel free to contact us through our contact page or on our facebook page,

The Online Store is still down. Due to ongoing health issues, I have less time to focus on the site.

If there are any reports that you have ordered in the past, or are interested in, contact us and we can work with you. The store had so many custom sections on it. Each time the software needed an update, we were digging through each page to fix the script for the personalized component, behind the scenes. It just became too much work. My hope, for 2019, is to build pages that link to PayPal for payment purposes. Unfortunately, the whole shopping chart convenience will be gone.

Thank you so much for understanding and your kind feedback! All of you have been the best. Sending you all the best wishes possible for a happy and healthy new year.

Be well,

Lunar Living's Crew

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The Daily Moon Signs

Lunar Living's Daily Moon Signs page will provide most of the important moon placement information for the here and now. The Moon sign, degree and minutes, the percent of illumination, the phase, and the void of course or not void of course, are all provided on the Moon Signs page. Scroll down the page to read more about the moon sign characteristics along with the moon phase traits to understand how to use that energy for the day.

2019 Moon Signs Astrology
& Lunar Event News

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Upcoming Astrology Events

Feb 1 Moon enters Capricorn
Feb 3 Moon enters Aquarius
Feb 3 Venus enters Capricorn
Feb 4 ~* New Moon *~ Aquarius
Feb 6 Moon enters Pisces
Feb 8 Moon enters Aries
Feb 10 Mercury enters Pisces
Feb 11 Moon enters Taurus
Feb 13 Moon enters Gemini
Feb 14 Mars enters Taurus
Feb 15 Moon enters Cancer
Feb 17 Moon enters Leo
Feb 18 Sun enters Pisces
Feb 19 Moon enters Virgo
Feb 19 ~* Full Moon *~ Virgo
Feb 21 Moon enters Libra
Feb 23 Moon enters Scorpio
Feb 25 Moon enters Sagittarius
Feb 28 Moon enters Capricorn
Mar 1 Venus enters Aquarius
Mar 2 Moon enters Aquarius
Mar 5 Moon enters Pisces
Mar 5 Mercury Sta. Rx
Mar 6 Uranus enters Taurus
Mar 6 ~* New Moon *~ Pisces