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September Equinox Astrology Update

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The Equinox in September is the beginning of the autumn season in the northern hemisphere. The Sun ingresses into Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. All the seasons begin in a Cardinal sign, which tend to be more assertive influences. The equinox events occurring in signs of Libra and Aries are masculine receptive signs, while the solstices occur in signs of Cancer and Capricorn, and are feminine receptive signs. Having an understanding of the significance of receptives helps us to comprehend how the traits of the various seasons to balance our lives.

When the Sun is in Libra, we typically start the autumnal with desires of peace and harmony, both at our work and our homes. We tune into a need for fairness, looking for others who share our desire for equality. The Moon in this autumnal equinox 2017 chart is in the sign of Scorpio, and our emotions are less attuned to the whole concept of peace and harmony. Our hearts may seek out revenge for past events that we feel harmed us. There is a sense of darkness looming with the start of the new season. The Moon is sextile to Venus in Virgo. This connection does add a level of empathy to our emotional decisions. We tend to be creative in the way that we help others. There is a desire to look out for others we care about. The Moon's opposition to Uranus retrograde in Aries is waning, taking some of the sting out of any recent emotional assaults that we may have encountered.

Mercury in Virgo helps us to be resourceful in dealing with matters of intellect, communication and knowledge. There is a practicality to our approach heading into this season. Mercury is transiting over a critical degree of Virgo, that adds an intensity to our interactions and to our health concerns. Our mental health could be shaken and we need to take extra care to get back on track. Mercury is involved in several aspects that impact our thinking patterns. Mercury is moving out of a conjunction with Mars in Virgo. When in Virgo, this can make us hypercritical of others. Be careful of what you say. There can be unintentional consequences. Mercury is moving into a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Depression and anxiety may take over as we attempt to make sense of events that are occurring. Mercury is moving out of an opposition to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We may have some difficulty discerning what is real and what is fake. Additionally, Mercury is moving out of a trine to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Our ability to see to the heart of complex situations is not as keen as normal. We need to allow ourselves time to research various resources to make our own decisions.

Venus is in the early degrees of Virgo, giving a purposeful curiosity. Our creative spontaneity might feel out of whack. This is a good time to revisit our basic talents to hone them.

Mars in Virgo is comingled with Mercury, which impacts our vitality and physical approach on life. We may feel conflicted with ways to work off our frustrations. We may throw energy at the minutia, losing track of time and space. It may be what we need to do to work through some of our anger or other feelings. We don't need to be forceful at this time, to find purpose. Since Mars is moving into an opposition with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, we may need to explore our sensitive and intuitive side. Less aggressive physicality could be our best options to develop other forms of strength.

Jupiter is finishing a transit in Libra, preparing to move into Scorpio for a year. Jupiter, for the equinox chart, is moving over a critical degree, adding a sharpness to our intellectual expressions. There is a keen awareness with this Jupiter placement. Now, if we can just figure out how to use it to our advantage this season. Take the insight you gained from Jupiter's transit through Libra, into the next few months, as we settle into Jupiter's transit through Scorpio.

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