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Be Prepared for Saturn in Capricorn

December Solstice Astrology Update

The winter solstice, or the December solstice is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere (December 21, 2017 @ 8:30 a.m. PST), but it is the longest day (summer) in the southern hemisphere. The Sun is transiting over the tropic of Capricorn. As the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, at zero degrees, it is in a critical degree that accentuates the traits of Capricorn's practicality and social objectives, be it career, reputation or authority. Capricorn is inclined to encourage us to take responsibility, but there's also a hint of judgment of what others do that causes us to want to take control. The whole patriarch of power and control, via submission and authority has underpinnings here, yet, at the same time, Capricorn is a feminine receptive, which is confounding and perplexing to most because it does not FEEL as though the Capricorn influence has much to offer in the form of empathy and compassion. But it is there, in a "Father Knows Best" kind of way.

The Sun and Saturn are riding high in the sky (declination/latitude) over the Tropic of Capricorn. "Tropic of Capricorn, latitude approximately 23°27' South of the terrestrial Equator. This latitude corresponds to the southernmost declination of the Sun's ecliptic to the celestial equator. At the winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere), around December 21, the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn and lies within the boundaries of the constellation Sagittarius, having reached its southernmost declination in the ecliptic," (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

As the Sun and Saturn have just moved into Capricorn, they are forming an out of sign trine to Uranus in Aries. This dampens the strength of the connection. Take it for what it is, and don't expect too much of a punch, but there is always the potential for some fireworks. The first decan of Capricorn at zero degrees can amplify the status-conscious nature of Capricorn. There could be some brag-adocious-ness going on.

At the start of the Solstice, the moon is in Aquarius, giving us some sense of freedom from the traditions of authoritarianism. The Moon is square to Mars in Scorpio. Patience will not be a priority, especially if we are told that we "have to" by our superiors. We may be perceived as subordinate. Be ready to deal with the repercussions of rebellion.

Mercury's retrograde will end on December 22/23 (depending on your location) and for this solstice chart, it is in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. We are struggling to make sense of the patterns that we see all around us. Mercury is square to Neptune in Pisces. Distractions are us? We are going to find it difficult, for a few days, to finish what we started.

Venus, in Sagittarius is in a true trine to Uranus in Aries. This can contribute to spontaneous relationships forming or even finding a little extra money in a coat pocket. We should enjoy it while it lasts.

Mars in Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces. There is the potential for us to see the goodness that we may not normally see around us. Our positive attitude at this time can inspire and motivate others to do good things, as well.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also trine to Neptune, but is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This can cause some confusion, as we seek to find the inner desires of others around us, but at the same time we may be mis-reading the messages. Don't be so eager to believe everyone you meet. There's a false charismatic trait built into this one. That "Too Good to be True" feature that can feel so right, but be so wrong.

There is a strong intuitive and nurturing characteristic to this chart. But, with only one planet in the Air element for this Solstice chart, we may not be using our full analytic faculties to navigate with logic. It may not always be safe to simply trust our gut instincts over the next few months.

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