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The past few years have been a blur of trying to keep up. No resolutions from me for 2023. Just going to do my best to keep up. With that comment, I know that the 2023 information is yet to be updated. I have a lot to finish up on Moon Tracks first, and then will clean up over here. I hope to have all Lunar Living pages updated before January 3. I had three days of power outages on my farm this past week, and even though I had about 50% of the 2023 updates ready, I could not use my computer nor upload the updates until now. So, my apologies. If there is something here that you need right away, please don't hesitate to email me from the contact page, or on Facebook. Thank you so much for your patience. Happy New Years!

Be well,

J McCaul & Lunar Living's Crew

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The Void of Course Moon

Exactly what defines a moon that is void? It is an idea that trips up even astrologers, sometimes. Read more about the Void of Course Moon in our Moon Articles section.

2023 Moon Astrology Updates
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Upcoming Astrology Events

Feb 1 Moon enters Cancer
Feb 4 Moon enters Leo
Feb 5 ~* Full Moon *~ Leo
Feb 6 Moon enters Virgo
Feb 9 Moon enters Libra
Feb 11 Mercury enters Aquarius
Feb 11 Moon enters Scorpio
Feb 14 Moon enters Sagittarius
Feb 16 Moon enters Capricorn
Feb 18 Moon enters Aquarius
Feb 20 ~* New Moon *~ Pisces
Feb 20 Venus enters Aries
Feb 20 Moon enters Pisces
Feb 22 Moon enters Aries
Feb 24 Moon enters Taurus
Feb 26 Moon enters Gemini
Mar 1 Moon enters Cancer
Mar 2 Mercury enters Pisces