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December Solstice Update

in: Capricorn 0°
December 22, 2019 @ 04:21 a.m. GMT
December 21, 2019 @ 08:21 p.m. PDT -8

The December Solstice on December 21/22, 2019 is the start of Winter season in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Depending on which hemisphere you live in, it is either the shortest day of the year, or the longest. The Sun ingresses Capricorn, with all the serious precautions that come with the Capricorn traits. There is very little frivolity with this transit, but that does not mean we can't have fun. It is obvious that there are several festive holidays around the December Solstice and they do impart some joy and good times. However, generally, with Capricorn's influence, we are likely to feel the stressors that come with the season. The first degree of Capricorn, as the Sun ingresses is in the first decan of the sign, indicating that we are becoming more status-consciousness, steadfast, and hopefully, more patient with ourselves and others.

Jupiter recently ingressed Capricorn, as well. The Sun and Jupiter are close enough to create a conjunction of energies. That could be grand, or a disaster, depending on so many other factors. Jupiter has a tendency to expand on situations that we are encountering with Capricorn's influence in mind. The not so fun events are also expanded, which can lead to depression and anxiety. It is something we need to be mindful of as we interact with others to help, when we can.

Jupiter and the Sun are forming a trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This should help with our intuition, but it may not always be as accurate as it should be. We should feel free to explore our interpretations of situations without concluding that they are accurate, as there can be a lot of mis-information mingled into the facts.

On the other side of this Jupiter/Sun conjunction is the very loose sextile to the Moon in Scorpio. Situations involving family, emotions, childhood memories and quirky financial matters may all bubble to the surface this season. As long as we have a good handle on the situation, we should be fine. If we are struggling, then don't suffer through it alone. Reach out for the support that is necessary.

Venus in Aquarius is square to Uranus retrograde, which also ties it back to the Sun and Jupiter, indirectly. Reality anyone? We each have our own truths, and in order to feel whole and complete, while Venus transits through Aquarius, we desire acceptance for who we are. We are likely to want to congregate with those who are like-minded to ourselves. The square complicates this in that we may be asked tough questions about "who am I, really?" It is up to us to explore that question in a holistic manner.

Mercury, still pushing through Sagittarius, has us busily looking for hidden connections in the repeating patterns we experience in life. We may be so busy connecting dots that we totally ignore the obvious. Mercury is forming a square to Neptune in Pisces, which ties it back to the Sun and Jupiter, as well. This can sometimes appear as the "Ostrich with its head in the sand" as we may choose to ignore the objective facts for the subjective ideals.

Mars in Scorpio is transiting over a critical degree today, making it an important planet in this chart. There are likely to be some intense feelings that we will need to sort through for the rest of the season. Mars sextiles the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn to finish off the major aspects for the solstice chart. This can be a true "worker bee" type of aspect, as we feel compelled to go the extra mile, working behind the scenes, to find the truth buried in all the superfluous thrown at us.

All in all, this season, we will be more concerned about others, more dedicated to causes that we feel will be significant life-changers, and are likely to find strength in our beliefs. However, be wary of standing strong for the causes that, in truth, undermine our values. We may get caught up in the flurry of squawks from those who really don't have our own values in mind.

Be well,

Lunar Living's Crew

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