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Solstice Update

in: Cancer 0 °
June 21, 2019 @ 03:55 p.m. GMT
June 21, 2019 @ 08:55 a.m. PDT -7

The June Solstice is here, with the Sun's ingress to Cancer at 3:55 pm GMT on June 21. It is a powerful moment of reflection and awareness. The connections to memories of family and home can trigger all types of reactions today.

Mercury and Mars in Cancer are opposing Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn while forming a wedge pattern aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This sets the stage for the summer season in the northern hemisphere (winter for the southern). We are being expected to take responsibility for our actions. This is not to be taken lightly for we will be dealing with the repercussions for a really long time, considering that Pluto is in the middle of all this. If we think we are going to get away with something that we know we should not have done, Pluto is our grand-daddy of consequences. Saturn, the taskmaster, will work alongside Pluto to ensure that the right punishment is dealt. It is best to just do the right thing!

Venus in Gemini is opposing Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Together, they are forming a wedge aspect to the Moon in Aquarius. The Moon is sparking our creative side, and it can also assist us with our finances. We can find the resources we need, as long as we keep an open heart. We may need to step outside of our pride and rely on others to support us in a temporary crisis. Venus and Jupiter are also forming squares to Neptune in Pisces. Now this one is not quite so forgiving. As mentioned in the full moon article, this connection is full of many empty promises. It might be better to not expect much from others. And don't be the one making the promises that simply cannot be kept. It does more harm that we realize at the time.

The overall influence from this solstice chart is encouraging us to nurture without self-serving reasons; to emotionally interact with others without manipulating. The role of Cancer's influence in our lives is to look back in time with bravery. We change our own lives for the better with many small attitude changes over time rather than expecting others to change for us. It is with these intentions that the season will become more meaningful for us.

Be well,

Lunar Living's Crew

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Moon Sign Calculator

Lunar astrology involves knowing which sign the moon is transiting. The moon sign calculator is specific for the moon's placement based on time, day, hemisphere and region. This moon calculator is considerably different than our planet calculator. If you are only wanting to know what sign the moon was in on a particular day, this calculator will find that for you.

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