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Today's Sun Sign
Sun Sun Sign in Scorpio Scorpio 5° 30'

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Our Daily Moon

Current Moon Sign
Moon Moon Signs in Leo Leo 4° 9'
October 28, 2021 Thu UTC

The Next Moon Event is:
New Moon - Scorpio
November 4, 2021 09:14 PM GMT
Oct. 28th's Daily Moon Phase

The Planets Now
Moon MoonMoon Sign is currently Leo 9'
Sun SunSun Sign is currently Scorpio 30'
Mercury Mercury 17°Mercury Sign is currently Libra 49'
Venus Venus 22°Venus Sign is currently Sagittarius 26'
Mars Mars 28°Mars Sign is currently Libra 45'
Jupiter Jupiter 22°Jupiter Sign is currently Aquarius 31'
Saturn SaturnSaturn Sign is currently Aquarius 9'
Chiron ChironChiron Sign is currently Aries 34'in retrograde transit
Uranus Uranus 13°Uranus Sign is currently Taurus 5'in retrograde transit
Neptune Neptune 20°Neptune Sign is currently Pisces 44'in retrograde transit
Pluto Pluto 24°Pluto Sign is currently Capricorn 26'

The Daily Moon Signs

Lunar Living's Daily Moon Signs page will provide most of the important moon placement information for the here and now. The Moon sign, degree and minutes, the percent of illumination, the phase, and the void of course or not void of course, are all provided on the Moon Signs page. Scroll down the page to read more about the moon sign characteristics along with the moon phase traits to understand how to use that energy for the day.

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