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Sun Sun Sign in Pisces Pisces 6° 21'

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Current Moon Sign
Moon Moon Signs in Virgo Virgo 16° 43'
February 25, 2024 Sun UTC

The Next Moon Event is:
New Moon - Pisces
March 10, 2024 09:03 AM GMT
Feb. 25th's Full Moon Phase

for the Day

Moon Moon 16°Moon Sign is currently Virgo 43'
Sun SunSun Sign is currently Pisces 21'
Mercury MercuryMercury Sign is currently Pisces 56'
Venus Venus 10°Venus Sign is currently Aquarius 54'
Mars MarsMars Sign is currently Aquarius 25'
Jupiter Jupiter 10°Jupiter Sign is currently Taurus 34'
Saturn SaturnSaturn Sign is currently Pisces 22'
Chiron Chiron 17°Chiron Sign is currently Aries 1'
Uranus Uranus 19°Uranus Sign is currently Taurus 28'
Neptune Neptune 26°Neptune Sign is currently Pisces 35'
Pluto PlutoPluto Sign is currently Aquarius 6'

Lunar Nodes Explained
Featured Article by Maritha Pottenger

Lunar Living Astrology provides several articles about the Moon's nodes and how they tie into astrology. The most popular articles are "Lunar Nodes Explained" and a featured article by Maritha Pottenger, "Nodes of the Moon." Some basic facts about the nodes, to get you started, are that the nodes are always opposite of each other, are almost always moving backwards (retrograde) and that the nodes are not stars, planets or asteroids; they are mathematical points in the sky. Please read the pieces to learn the significance of the lunar nodes in astrology.

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