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Leo Full Moon

January 25, 2024


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Image Copyright Lunar Living Wolf Moon
Full Moon
in: Leo 5°
January 25, 2024 @ 05:55 pm GMT
January 25, 2024 @ 09:55 am PST -8
Sun is Aquarius, 5° 15'
Moon is Leo, 5° 15'

The first full moon of the new year, the Wolf Moon, could cause us to rethink any new year resolutions we are hoping to achieve. Now that the Sun AND Pluto are transiting Aquarius, we are likely to feel significant transitions in our lives. We experience the unconventional, when a planet moves through Aquarius. But, when a planet like Pluto meanders through Aquarius, it becomes a different type of "unconventional" shift. The last time that Pluto transited through Aquarius was 1777 through 1798. While each country will have its own historical events that correspond with that time frame, in the United States, the history was the beginning of "detaching" from the British and other European Countries, i.e. France and Spain. The American Revolutionary War, essentially, started in 1775 while Pluto was still transiting through Capricorn and America declared Independence in 1776. The Revolutionary War, continued while Pluto was moving in and out of Aquarius between 1777 and 1778. For the most part, the war concluded in 1781, well after Pluto settled into Aquarius. The US Constitution was formed in 1787, approximately ten years before Pluto left Aquarius. In Europe, it is said that 1789 is one of the most significant dates in history for France. It is famous for the French Revolution, with its cries of 'Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!' that led to the ousting of the French upper class. Back in the U.S, 1794 was the Whiskey Rebellion, that allowed for newly the formed U.S.A. government to establish federal military authority to be established within a state (Pennsylvania) to quash an uprising by settlers who were rebelling against the liquor tax. In 1797, while Pluto was in the late degrees of Aquarius, John Adams was sworn in as the second President of the United States. So it was these types of events that many countries experienced and transitioned through unusual Power Dynamics, at the same time Pluto navigated the sign of Aquarius over 200 years ago. It is unclear what will come of Pluto's transit this time. But, in typical Aquarius fashion, it is likely to involve a desire for detachment from situations that we feel are oppressive. Pluto is going to be in Aquarius for almost 20 years and the Sun will only be in Aquarius for about 25 more days, this year, at least.

Today, the Moon in Leo is opposing the Sun, which tends to raise questions about our loyalty. The Sun and Moon are T-square to Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter's involvement is likely to expand on tensions that we experience today. Add in the fact that the Moon is forming a Yod today with Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Capricorn. While opposing the Sun, the transit is frequently identified as the Boomerang aspect that can be used to time out the best times to resolve conflicts and other issues when the Moon moves over the other three points, later in the month, we are likely to find solutions to the problem that seemed illusive at the original point in time. The three important dates are February 7th, 9th (new moon), and 11th. Don't forget to mark them on the calendar.

Mercury in Capricorn is trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. We are more likely to experience some feelings of sadness or depression today unless we take the time to find unique opportunities in unusual ways. Mercury is also conjunct to Mars in Capricorn, so we can use exercise and physical activity to walk away from the doldrums. The key is to incorporate some distractions in a way that can focus on the positives around us, and not perseverate on the negatives.

Within the sextile between Venus in Capricorn, and Saturn in Pisces, is a sextile and trine to Jupiter in Taurus. There will be a natural inclination to explore options, rely on our wits, and try to find a new start upon which to create something new for ourselves. A great time to open our minds to new ideas.

In some ways, this full moon might feel heavy as it transits Out of Bounds in the Northern declinations throughout the day. Biding our time to find the right moment without pressuring others, will help us to release some of the weight. Understanding the value of our goals, and not assuming that others see the significance in the same way we do, can also help. The Feminine receptives of the past few moon events are starting to wear on all of us because we want something different than what we are finding. On the positive side of this are the planetary placements in the Modes. There is enough balance there to inspire, persist, and adapt, as needed. Look for the positives within the day, and it won't feel quite so heavy.

Meditation for the January 25th Full Moon
Fate indeed casts a long shadow, but keep your own light shining.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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