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March 21, 2019


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Full Moon
in: Libra 0°
March 21, 2019 @ 1:44 a.m. GMT
March 20, 2019 @ 6:44 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Aries, 0° 09'
Moon is Libra, 0° 09'

The equinox article is on the front page of the site, if you want to check on that, as well.

This full moon occurs just a few hours after the equinox of the Sun's ingress to Aries. Although the groundhog had predicted an early spring this year, for many regions, that simply did not happen. Some areas are still waiting! As the Sun moved into Aries, the moon was moving into an opposition with the moon's ingress into Libra about 15 minutes prior to the peak of the full moon. All of this early sign activity lends itself to some jittery activity as we need to quickly adapt to the new influences quickly if we can. The full moon in March is frequently referred to as the Worm Moon in the northwestern hemisphere and it represents the ground coming back to life after a long dark winter. Some Native American tribes referred to this moon as the Sap Moon, as the plants are reviving after a winter of dormancy.

The Sun is moving into a conjunction with Chiron in Aries, which tends to highlight the importance of our spiritual and psychological health. We are looking for healing from matters that we have been only been able to attend to, superficially. Now may be the time to dive deeper into why we are still hurting. This activity may take more courage than we are comfortable summoning. We are likely to encounter some triggering events that remind us why we are still in pain.

Mercury's retrograde motion in Pisces continues for another week. Then we can start cleaning up whatever was undone or unraveled while Mercury was seeming to move backwards through Pisces. On March 15, Mercury made a retrograde conjunction with the Sun in Pisces, which seemed to catch many off guard. There was tragic violence in New Zealand that the US awoke to as Mercury moved back over the Sun's transit. Hopefully we can stay woke, in order to push back on the hatred.

This final week of the retrograde transit, Mercury is forming quite a few aspects. Mercury is sextile to Mars in Taurus, square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and conjunct with Neptune in Pisces. This makes it difficult to decide what to do, and may cause us to question any choices that we make. We may be quick to find fault in the actions of others while trying to avoid facing our own actions. Additionally, we may have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We are striving to hold it all together, but we simply don't have the best grasp on our abilities today.

Venus in Aquarius is perceived by some as a quirky, impersonal, influence. The "relations" planet in the "friendship" sign does not always come across as the friendliest. It's not for lack of trying. Venus just has some serious considerations to sort through within Aquarius. Plus, Venus is square to Mars in Taurus today, which can be difficult for us, relative to finances and personal frustrations. Relationships that revolve around money are likely to suffer. Venus is sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius. We find it easier to get along with people we don't know, than with those we are closest with.

Mars in Taurus is trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, giving us a boost of talent and endurance together. We are motivated by the "good life" or at least keep up with the Joneses, so to speak. It never pans out that way. Looking inward to explore our true needs is a better use of our efforts.

Saturn in Capricorn is conjunct with Pluto for the entire spring and the first month of summer. However, the nature of the conjunction shifts when Pluto begins to retrograde motion on April 24, and then shifts again when Saturn begins to retrograde motion on April 30. For now, we can work on changing behaviors that are negatively impacting our lives. This can be a great time to get treatment for addictions, while our motivations are lining up for the change for the better. This can also be a good time to explore healthier lifestyles, and healthier eating habits. Start sooner rather than later, before the two planets station retrograde the end of April.

Uranus in Taurus started with the new moon, and we are still adapting to the shift in "personality." Have we begun to comprehend how we are likely to be shocked? Between the Higher Education Scandal hitting the news, followed by the news about the horrific act of violence against race and religion in Christchurch, New Zealand; the Uranus in Taurus transformation is upon us. Two Boeing 737 Max passenger planes crashed with similar circumstances, first on October 29 in Indonesia, when Uranus was retrograde motion at 0.21 degrees of Taurus, and then on March 10, in Ethiopia, when Uranus had just ingressed the sign of Taurus at 0.09 degrees. This seems beyond coincidence. Plus, Uranus in Taurus' influence may also push us to come to grips with the climate changes that are taking place faster than anticipated. The true nature of Taurus is to hold the status quo, using conservative measures, as this feels safer and less stressful. Yet, with Uranus in the sign, all these conservative ideas are seemingly thrown out the window. We are going to be forced to face new facts and new realities, just like the last time Uranus transited Taurus.

All in all, this full moon chart will open up our awareness and push us to explore options we may not have considered in the past. The receptives are balanced in a way that allows us to both nurture and explore. There's a nice balance of elements, and also qualities placements as well, helping us to stay alert and open to new ideas. Try not to be so hard on others who disagree with our positions. A reasoned, calm discussion may end up helping to strike a balance and give perspective where it is necessary.

Meditation for the March 21st Full Moon
We create nothing, express nothing; we only discover or uncover what is already there.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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