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Scorpio Full Moon

April 30, 2018


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Full Moon
in: Scorpio 9°
April 30, 2018 @ 0:59 a.m. GMT
April 29, 2018 @ 5:59 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Taurus, 9° 39'
Moon is Scorpio, 9° 39'

This full moon is also called the Pink Moon. The Scorpio full moon opposes the Sun in the sign of Taurus. The Sun and Moon are both moving over critical degrees, making this full moon more sensitive. The opposition of the full moon is forming a wedge to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, adding a layer of protection to situations that might normally cause us to feel vulnerable. When the Sun transits through Taurus, we are sometime reminded about our safety concerns. The Sun's transit in Taurus is always a good reminder to regroup and plan for the future.

Mercury is in Aries, forming a square to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. The slightest of triggers could set off alarms in our way of thinking. We may be hyper-vigilant to the fears that scare us the most. Examine the basis for those fears before becoming obsessed by them.

Venus in the sign of Gemini tends to cause us to feel like we need to be socializing more than usual. Who are we trying to impress? Sort through that "need" before going overboard on expenses and effort.

Mars in Capricorn, conjunct with Pluto retrograde, is forming a sextile to Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. There is a strong urge to push the limits. If we find that we are feeling non-stop angry over the next few days, this is a strong indication that these planets are impacting us in a negative way. Take a breather from the frustrations with outlets that let us feel refreshed when we are done. Some ideas are to take a long walk, hit the gym and exercise, join a yoga class to stretch out those tense muscles, schedule time for a back massage, or spend some time meditating. Any way that we can distract from the "mad" will help us to get back on track.

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces. This may trigger another layer of fears for us, particularly involving our health and well-being. It might be prudent to check in with our general physician if we have been dealing with a health concern for more than a couple of weeks.

Overall, we have a lot of matters to focus on and we may not be doing the best job of being aware of them all. Our emotional strength may be waning with this full moon. If we get a better handle on our personal needs, we can do a better job of being a strong support for others.

Meditation for the April 30th Full Moon
When love, money or excitement unexpectedly appear in our lives, our relationship with the Universe is nakedly revealed.

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