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Sagittarius Full Moon

June 17, 2019


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Full Moon
in: Sagittarius 25°
June 17, 2019 @ 8:32 a.m. GMT
June 17, 2019 @ 1:32 a.m. PDT -7
Sun is Gemini, 25° 53'
Moon is Sagittarius, 25° 53'

This Sagittarius full moon is the Strawberry Moon. The Sun in Gemini keeps our brains fliting with one idea after another. The Moon's opposition from Sagittarius is just as restless, searching for adventures to fill the soul. The full moon's opposition is untethered from the other planets. This full moon is a lone duo. However, Venus is also transiting through Gemini, and, of course, Jupiter is still retrograde in Sagittarius. Full moons can challenge us to make better choices, and this full moon, is doing just that.

Mercury in Cancer is conjunct with Mars, and both are opposing Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. When Mercury transits through Cancer, our emotions become meshed with our minds. When Mars is in Cancer, our vitality can also tie into our emotions. With the oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, we may end up worrying over matters that we have no power to fix. It can be frustrating as we may not feel as though we can release or purge these emotions. We need to recognize that it will pass, in time, and try not to push ourselves to make changes that, in truth, may not be helpful. Mercury and Mars are also in Wedge patterns from the Saturn/Pluto oppositions to Neptune in Pisces. Feelings, thoughts, creativity and imaginations will all swirl. Use this as an outlet to explore them collectively. Again, it is not about "fixing" the issues today. It's also not about letting go of the frustrations. Letting ourselves explore them without making any final decisions may be our best recourse today.

Mercury's Out of Bounds transit is ending today, and thankfully, there will not be anymore "full-blown" OOB transits for the next few months. However, Jupiter will push the limits one more time, in September.

As mentioned, Venus is transiting through Gemini now, with no major aspects. Financially and relationship-wise, we are likely to feel that variety is in our favor this month. This can be a great time to party with friends, make new friends, and develop those relationships while having fun.

Also as mentioned, Jupiter continues to retrograde in Sagittarius. Jupiter is forming a tight square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Promises, promises and more promises, that seemingly are never kept. Step outside of these. Don't make them, and don't expect them.

For the most part, even with all the challenging aspects, we have the ability to navigate this full moon without feeling too overwhelmed. A lot will depend on our personal traits (and natal charts) as to how we will deal with this full moon. There's a nice balance still of Masculine/Feminine Receptives. A healthy balance of Fire/Air/Earth/Water Elements, and a good mix of Cardinal and Mutable Modalities. There is only one placement currently in the Fixed Mode, so we may not have the patience that we would like. But, with all the other planetary placements, we may not require patience in order to survive this one. Instead, we may need more creativity and ingenuity.

Note: Lunar Living went online on June 21, 2001, during the solar eclipse. Here is our first article. To celebrate our online birthday, we will have an electronic reports sale available through our newly revamped store. The sale will last through the July eclipses, so even if you forget to come back here on the 21st for the Solstice, there will be more opportunities to check out the sale in July.

Meditation for the June 17th Full Moon
Respect those you meet on the way.

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