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Capricorn Full Moon

June 24, 2021


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Full Moon
in: Capricorn 3°
June 24, 2021 @ 6:40 p.m. GMT
June 24, 2021 @ 11:40 a.m. PDT -7
Sun is Cancer, 3° 28'
Moon is Capricorn, 3° 28'

It has been an interesting Mercury Retrograde time for me. A lot of redoing projects and fixing mechanical devices. The final event this weekend was when my computer crashed (my beloved computer that I have used for seven and one-half years). It may be fine - it may not be fine. I need to get my important documents and folders off the hard-drive before I run a diagnostic on it so that I don't damage anything that I want to keep. So, with that said, all my software that I use for finalizing my reports, uploading web pages, editing images, etc., are on that PC. Each and every web-based task is taking an inordinate amount of work on a different PC that does not have any of my typical software.

Moving along, this full moon in Capricorn is the first moon event after the solstice. The Sun in Cancer amplifies our nurturing side, especially in the first decan. Even if we don't have family to "attend to" we are likely to try to nurture close friends, animals, and even strangers, because that urge is just so strong right now.

There are two wedge patterns and a T-square pattern in this chart. The full moon is forming a wedge with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter's retrograde connection should open our hearts to new perspectives. Don't be afraid to explore to learn more, but don't be afraid to have a healthy dose of skepticism, rather than whole-sale acceptance. There is the potential that Jupiter will help us to find a great deal on an item that we want, or some spare change in that winter coat in the closet that we forgot all about.

Mercury's retrograde motion in Gemini is done, thank you very much. The loose trine to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is short lived, and we may feel inclined to clean out some old stuff that we no longer need anymore. A bit of tidying, Marie Kondo style, may be in order, to free up emotional and physical space.

Venus in Cancer is opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and forming the other wedge for the chart with Neptune in Pisces. Platonic friendships can benefit from this aspect, but our intimate relationships could cool off considerably, until Venus moves away from Pluto's deconstruction methods. We may go from moments of amplified passion, to rage for the slightest of inflection. It can feel quite crazy-making, because it just won't feel like there is any real reason for either emotion.

Mars in Leo is forming the T-square with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Mars can, sort of, frolic in Leo, helping us to feel fearless and competitive. But the opposition to Saturn retrograde could swing us into feelings of despair or resentment towards others who make life look so easy when, really, it is not. The square to Uranus adds to quick confrontations when we feel blocked.

Jupiter's short stay in Pisces will be over soon. Jupiter stationed retrograde at 2 degrees in Pisces on June 20, and is heading back into Aquarius in a month. Neptune, in Pisces, will station retrograde on June 25. So, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are the major planets that will retrograde through the entire month of July.

With the exception of the Moon, there are no planets transiting Out of Bounds (OOB) at this time. The Moon began transiting OOB late on June 23, and will continue to transit OOB through June 26. These are periods that we feel emotionally vulnerable, especially when there are other significant events involving the Moon, like a Full Moon! On June 28, Pluto will transit in Hidek territory, which means that it is close to transiting OOB, but not quite. It adds its own tense edge to the Pluto aspects. Pluto rarely transits OOB but when it is transiting near the signs of Leo and Aquarius it will transit in the Hidek zone. It did this last year between August 7 to December 30, 2020. This year, it will move into the Hidek region and stay there through the rest of 2021. So if we are particularly vulnerable, i.e. planets located in the same degrees (24 and 25 degrees) of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, we may feel on edge, as a result. We can be thankful that Pluto is not transiting OOB, since that is more intense.

Two things here. Hidek represents the higher declinations of latitude between 21 degrees and 23 degrees and 27 minutes. I tend to focus on the high declinations between 22 degrees 27 minutes to 23 degrees 27 minutes which tend to be the most intense section nearest to the extreme declinations, beyond 23 degrees 27 minutes. Part two of this is that it has been over 60 years since Pluto has actually transited OOB (beyond 23 degrees 27 minutes). There will be some "wobbling" OOB transits by Pluto starting in 2025. In other words, we are in prep mode here with Pluto's hidek transit through the remainder of the year.

Overall, we are likely to feel as though we need to take care of someone or thing in our life. It might be human, it might be animal, or it might even be vegetative. Something that responds to attention and nurturing. Where we are lacking is in leadership. We may not be inclined to follow another's lead, nor are we too inclined to lead others. Where we shine is to complete tasks, and find productive ways to use up our time, either as a means of distraction, or a means to finish something that has been waiting for our attention.

Meditation for the June 24th Full Moon
An artist is an instrument through which the Universe reveals itself.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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