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Pisces Full Moon

September 2, 2020


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Full Moon
in: Pisces 10°
September 2, 2020 @ 5:22 a.m. GMT
September 1, 2020 @ 10:22 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Virgo, 10° 12'
Moon is Pisces, 10° 12'

This full moon greets us with a very unusual line up. The chart is extremely heavy with feminine receptive placements, meaning that almost every planet is in an Earth or Water element sign. The only planet that is not in either Earth or Water is Mars, in Aries, a Fire sign and no planets in Air signs. There are some aspects that will push back on us for change, but there will also be many aspects that encourage us to explore our options without fear. Let's look more at this unusual full moon.

The Sun in Virgo is opposed by the Moon in Pisces. The nature of the influence from Virgo is to be aware, conscientious and thorough. Activities are rarely half done, or incomplete when Virgo is on the job. Where we need to rein in is our judgments and criticisms against others. The Moon in Pisces can help us to be more forgiving and soften our tone. There is a wedge aspect from the full moon to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This always heightens our intuition and can help us to be more creative with our social planning. Even though we may not be able to plan a big shin-dig, we can still find ways to have small social gatherings, with safety in mind. The key here is to talk and build rapport with others we admire and want to know better.

Mercury is zipping through Virgo at a rapid rate. It ingressed on August 20 and is just about ready to ingress Libra on September 5. Mercury is at home in Virgo, and analytically, we are great. However, we tend to be a bit too critical of ourselves and others. Today, Mercury is forming a Wedge with Venus in Cancer, along with Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Reading, learning, and creative expressions are accentuated with this combo. However, there is a complexity to all this "good" in that Mercury is also in a Wedge pattern with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This one may overpower the other Wedge, with a loss of focus and heavy transitions that force us to accept something that we have been resistant to adopt, for quite a while.

Venus in Cancer is in a t-square to Mars in Aries, along with Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This Cardinal t-square pushes on us hard to either lead, or get out of the way. Mars, in Aries, is at the peak of the t-square and at home in this sign; very comfortable with aggression in order to get what it wants. This t-square was first being felt around August 28, and will be felt until Venus pops into Leo on September 6, which effectively undoes the Cardinal square, but the square from Mars to Saturn and Pluto will continue on through the entire month of September and on into October because of the Mars retrograde that starts on September 9. The Mars square to Saturn started being felt around the 13th of August. Tensions and more tensions from psychological push-back and verbal dust-ups between factions that can't find middle ground. Unfortunately, the resentions run as deep as the grievances are long.

Jupiter's retrograde in Capricorn is just about done, and will then start moving back into a conjunction with Pluto. The retrograde ends on September 12. The interesting factor is that, even though the conjunction really is not quite in place, it feels like a conjunction because of the sextiles by both Pluto retrograde and Jupiter retrograde to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Add in the fact that both Pluto and Jupiter are transiting in hidek territory. Not quite Out of Bounds, but up there in that tense section of the declinations. We are seeing events through a distorted lens and that is impacting our opinions. If we could, at least, just wait a couple more weeks for Jupiter and Pluto to end their retrogrades, we would be able to understand situations a lot better. We are trying to make important, life-altering decisions based on illusions and fantasies.

As an alert, September 11 through September 13, the moon will be transiting out of bounds. Be aware so that we can reduce our vulnerabilities. The last OOB by the Moon was August 27 to August 29, which lines up with Hurricane Laura hitting Lake Charles with its wrath of destruction. We always feel more vulnerable and traumatized when these types of events occur while the Moon is transiting OOB.

Overall, the chart is filled with too many placements in Earth and Water signs. We are leaning too hard and simply not able to get a good footing on reality. It boils down to using our instincts and wisdom to safely get through this full moon. There are enough positives within the aspects, if we choose to latch onto those, and, essentially, try to ignore or overstep the negative aspects until more planets move into new signs by the end of the week. This full moon may be more of a fool moon for a lot of us.

Meditation for the September 2nd Full Moon
Acceptance to what happens is essential to the discovery of truth.

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