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September 14, 2019


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Full Moon
in: Pisces 21°
September 14, 2019 @ 4:34 a.m. GMT
September 13, 2019 @ 9:34 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Virgo, 21° 05'
Moon is Pisces, 21° 05'

This is the Harvest Moon of 2019. The Earth Sky has a great piece about the Harvest Moon which always happens around this time of the year, as we near the September equinox.

Similar to the new moon last month, there are still a lot of planets in the sign of Virgo, however, they are not a stellium this time. There are two distinct conjunctions; the Sun and Mars near the third decan, plus Mercury and Venus on the anaretic (last) degree of Virgo.

The Sun opposes the Moon in Pisces, which is conjunct with Neptune retrograde. The Sun and Mars conjunction form powerful oppositions to the Moon and Neptune, which are likely to impact our emotions and our sleep patterns. Collectively, the opposing conjunctions are forming a mutable T-square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, which tends to cause disturbances with our thinking patterns, as well. Jupiter, while motioning direct, tends to blow situations out of proportion. Try not to make any major life decisions for the next few days. The best laid plans are likely to shift sideways, and if we are incapable of adapting just as quickly, we should just be willing to let go and start over. As has been posted over the past few months that we were being reminded not to make any big promises, or any promises that we knew we couldn't keep. Well, this week, we are likely to learn why that message was so important, thanks to Jupiter. One example (and from behind the scenes), let's watch how the whole Afghanistan/Taliban promised peace negotiation fall-out unfurls.

Now, the other significant aspects from these opposing conjunctions with the Sun and Moon are the wedge to Pluto retrograde along with a separate wedge to Saturn retrograde, both in Capricorn. Although Pluto and Saturn are not currently forming a conjunction; they recently released from a loose conjunction a little more than a month ago. These Wedges will blend the Saturn and Pluto influences once again through the Sun, Mars, Moon and Neptune interactions. This holds more promise in a beneficial way. The likelihood of finding our way out of a huge mess is enhanced at this time, IF we happen to be involved in a huge mess. At a more subtle level, we are able to find resolution, whether that comes through compromise, or letting go and moving on.

The Mercury and Venus conjunction in Virgo, as mentioned, is on the anaretic degree (29°) and while the conjunction tends to lend itself to have improved communication talents with the so called "golden tongue" and/or "silver pen," we move through this with a sense of urgency as though we have a finite amount of time to successfully fulfill any promises with this aspect. The intriguing nature of this is that Mercury rules over Virgo, and Venus rules over Libra, and, well, that's where the conjoined pair are headed within hours. The conjunction will continue for a few more days, and, more opportunities will open as they both move into Libra.

We may feel a bit on edge for the next month or two, while Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius push together, from opposing directions, toward the Southern Extreme Declinations. Although neither will actually transit Out of Bounds, they are forming a resistance that might feel uneasy for all of us, at some level. Venus, may pop the lid from the tension when it transits to the Southern Hemisphere and Out of Bounds in November.

Uranus retrograde, in Taurus is the lone standout with no major aspects during the full moon. That's fine, we have plenty of other activity to deal with, and we will see more of Uranus with the upcoming full moon in October.

Overall, this full moon chart is heavy with Feminine Receptives, once again. Bullies will need to take a big step back, as negotiations need to be handled with finesse, tact and decorum. Right now, our priorities involve our health, the health of others, and cleaning up whatever messes are keeping us from getting our homes in order before the Equinox. Although there are an overabundance of planets in the Earth elements, there are none in the Air, causing us to feel somewhat stuck without easy solutions. Rely on the extra Mutable qualities to help us adapt and flex as we navigate our way through the situations.

Meditation for the September 14th Full Moon
When Oedipus was blinded he lost his sight, but simultaneously gained insight.

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