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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

May 16, 2022


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Lunar Eclipse
in: Scorpio 25°
May 16, 2022 @ 4:15 a.m. GMT
May 15, 2022 @ 9:15 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Taurus, 25° 18'
Moon is Scorpio, 25° 18'

This lunar eclipse is a total eclipse which means that the Moon will change to a coppery color as the earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon. It will only be visible after dark in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. The eclipse belongs to the Lunar Saros series 131, which originated May 10, 1427. The eclipse is part of the 6th Nodal family of eclipses and it originated from the south, near the south pole. Lunar eclipses bring the closing of change, wrapping up the events that help us to transition to the next stage or phase in our lives. Total lunar eclipses are more potent than partial, so we are more likely to notice a significant change of events.

The Sun is in Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio, which typically involves home, personal safety, and material possessions that are directly tied back to our legacies, finances connected to others, and psychological connections to partners and distant families. Scorpio has a complexity that can be confusing for many, while Taurus tends to be more direct and we just seem to Know what we know. Because eclipses always occur close to the north and south node points, they carry a deeper meaning that we will need to sort through. Ignoring them is never an option.

The Sun and Moon are forming a t-square to Saturn in Aquarius. This can add a feeling of obstacles that we need to work through in order to find resolution. This will be the most difficult aspect in this Lunar Eclipse. Finding the right way to resolve problems so that we can truly put them into the past.

The rest of the aspects in this chart are soft and easier to work with. There is a cradle aspect involving the Sun, Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. The first three planets listed are fairly straight forward in that they involve our feelings (Moon) as related to our personalities (Sun), and our energy levels (Mars). But Neptune and Pluto throw in facets that we don't normally deal with on a day to day basis. Neptune in Pisces is connected to our dreams, our talents, spiritual values, and mysteries that inspire or confuse us. Pluto in Capricorn is connected to our need for transformation, grief, release, and adapting to the changes. Neptune is all fuzzy and, honestly, can factor into feelings of depression because we really are not sure what to make of the expectations. Pluto is more forceful in its revelations. A bit like ripping off a bandaid in order to expose our wounds to the harsh realities, whether we are ready or not. For most of us, the only way through is with a healthy dose of truth. We may need to throw societal norms out the window for a few weeks. Being honest and being willing to look honestly at the situation that gets presented, helps us to transition through Pluto's forced change. Remember, our truth is from within ourselves, and not a reflection of what others want to impose upon us

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is not helping us much, as is typical of Mercury shifting into reverse and forcing us to review matters that we thought were resolved. But we do this drill frequently enough to know that it will be over in a few weeks, and then we just get back on track and move forward again. Mercury is sextile to Jupiter in Aries. We might even enjoy a good mental challenge with this one. We may find this to become a project that helps us to break an old habit, or even an addictive behavior, with Mercury's retrograde tied directly to Jupiter's transit into Aries. We can use it to our advantage, if we choose to use it productively.

Overall, with the majority of the planets in Earth and Water Element signs, we are better able to look inward to find solutions. There could be occasional bouts of depression that should be short lived, as long as we seek to find the best outcomes to our problems. If we are stuck in a problem, then we should seek out advice from a friend or a professional that we trust. There are enough productive aspects in this chart to help us to find the solutions that we need.

Meditation for the May 16th Lunar Eclipse
Some illnesses are self-inflicted.

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