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Gemini Lunar Eclipse

November 30, 2020


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Lunar Eclipse
in: Gemini 8°
November 30, 2020 @ 9:31 a.m. GMT
November 30, 2020 @ 1:31 a.m. PST -8
Sun is Sagittarius, 8° 38'
Moon is Gemini, 8° 38'

The second to the last full moon of the calendar year, 2020, is a penumbral lunar eclipse occurring over the Pacific Ocean and the American continent. Some countries on the Western side of the Pacific (Australia and parts of Asia) may also get the opportunity to observe the eclipse if the skies are clear enough. The one factor is that it may not be all that noticed, as it becomes a subtle darker shade of gray in the night sky, rather than the drama of the total lunar eclipse when it turns a copper red color. The last full moon of the year will be December 29/30, 2020, leading into the new year of 2021.

This full moon in Gemini is known as the Beaver moon, as it typically indicates the time of the year that the beavers in North America would build their water fortress lodges for the winter. The last full moon will be the Cold moon.

But, first, let's focus on the lunar eclipse properties. This lunar eclipse originated in the year 993 on March 11, which was the Julian calendar date that adjusts to March 15/16 on the Gregorian calendar system. The lunar eclipse saros series is 116, and this series will be ending in 2291. The original 116 eclipse occurred in the sign of Virgo, in the decan ruled by Venus and the duad ruled by the Moon; blending the influences of Mercury, Venus, and the Moon for an interesting combo of intellectual, emotional, and vulnerability. This influence, similar to a natal chart, will carry over into each subsequent lunar eclipse of the 116 series, which occur about every 18 years. The last lunar eclipse of this series occurred on November 20, 2002. You can always look back at the calendar of news events to get a sense of how the last eclipse of lunar saros 116 impacted us.

When the Sun transits through Sagittarius, we tend to find value in our belief systems. Some may worship God, some may worship Money, some may worship Knowledge, while some may worship the Environment. But regardless, we feel more connected to those values while the Sun is moving through the sign of Sagittarius between the last week of November into the Winter (Summer) Solstice. When the moon opposes the Sun in Sagittarius, it moves through Gemini. In this case, this full moon will be ruled first by Mercury, but also by Mercury and Mercury. What? Yes, the Decan and the Duad are all pointing at the planet of Mercury to influence this full moon. We may be overthinking and over assessing our situation during this lunar eclipse.

We started feeling this eclipse about three weeks ago (about the time of the election in the US), and the influence is likely to last about two or three more weeks into December. That's the nature of the astrological influence of the eclipses. They hold a bit more sway than the typical full moon (or new moon) event.

This full moon is holding a singular court between the Sun and the Moon, with no additional major aspects to the Sun or Moon. So in that regard, it is easier to parse out our emotions for the day. Just remember that the influence will involve a lot of thinking mixed with some sense of vulnerability and emotionality. It's just going to be the nature of the original eclipse's influence.

Mercury, in Scorpio, is forming a sextile to the Capricorn Stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The four planets having recently finished up their retrograde transits over the past month, or so, are all moving direct motion, and cleaning up any loose ends, as a result. If we are taking the time to look inward, we are either seeing situations from a new perspective, or we are stuck in believing what we are wanting them to be. That's the problem with Jupiter being in the mix. Jupiter can create confusion by expanding on the minor situation, causing us to think it is a MAJOR event. As the three stellium planets separate for the last time, the events that we think of as causing the problems in 2020 will become more clear in 2021. Then, the next problem will be, will anyone want to believe that it is valid? It seems like every time we have Pluto involved in a major shift of power and changing events, it takes decades for the uproar to calm back down. There will be those who don't want it to calm down because they feel that they were disadvantaged by the shift of power. Those are the individuals that we need to watch more closely, for our own safety.

Venus in Scorpio is opposing Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This interaction does not need to be as unpleasant as it might appear. Venus rules over Taurus, and we can tap into that to get a better understanding of the challenges we might be feeling at this point in time. Taurus and Venus collectively like to ensure that we are safe and sound. While Uranus tends to create havoc and accidents. Use this time to practice some family safety protocols as we wrap up this season.

On either side of this lunar eclipse, the Moon transited Out of Bounds (OOB) for a longer period of approximately 60 hours starting November 17 and ending November 20. To summarize this OOB period by the Moon we can always look to a few news topics of November 17 to reveal just how "out there" our emotions were; Georgia [US] Sec. of State says Lindsey Graham suggested he find a way to toss legal ballots, Georgia recount unearths more than 2,600 uncounted ballots in Floyd County, Trump Administration Moves to Sell Oil Rights in Arctic Refuge, Trump fires head of election cybersecurity who debunked conspiracy theories, Dolly Parton partly funded Moderna Covid vaccine research, NFL Vet Burgess Owens Unseats Utah’s Only Dem Rep, 12th House Seat To Flip To GOP, and Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward: ‘This Election Is Far from Over.’ While on the ending side of the recent OOB transit, the news of November 20; Hong Kong Bakery Decorates Cake with Joe Biden Sniffing Anime Girl, Georgia recount confirms Biden victory and finds no widespread fraud after statewide audit, Biden turns 78, will be oldest US president, Trump Legal Team Holds Presser: ‘Trump Won In A Landslide. We Are Going To Prove It,’ Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus, Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in two New York Fraud Investigations, Biden says Trump 'will go down in history as being one of the most irresponsible presidents,' Rudy Giuliani Blasts Media for Failing to Report [voter fraud] Evidence, Harvard graduate students start petition to ban Trump officials, and Teachers want Cobb district to improve handling of COVID-19 in schools. Of course, in the middle of that, the Covid Infection rate increased exponentially and the death rate peaked at over 260,000 in the US with an average of 50 individuals dying from Covid every hour in the US. As we look back at news reports, particularly while the Moon was OOB, we can get a better sense of what we will be dealing with for the upcoming OOB moon transits. The next OOB transit will commence on December 1 and end on December 4. So buckle up.

For this Gemini lunar eclipse chart, the majority of the planets are located in Earth and Water elements, with seven planets in feminine receptives. These are intuitive placements that help us to see, based on past experience and gut, but at the same time, we may be in denial because, in truth, we don't want to believe. We do this to ourselves, and tie ourselves into knots trying to ignore the obvious. The most reliable feature of this chart is that there are enough planets in the three qualities of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, to find our own best judgments. Don't worry about the other guy at this point. Doing what we know we need to do, to stay safe, is our best option during this Lunar Eclipse.

Meditation for the November 30th Lunar Eclipse
Someone who always knows better is often someone who does not know at all.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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