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Aquarius New Moon

January 24, 2020


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New Moon
in: Aquarius 4°
January 24, 2020 @ 9:43 p.m. GMT
January 24, 2020 @ 1:43 p.m. PST -8
Sun is Aquarius, 4° 21'
Moon is Aquarius, 4° 21'

Now that the eclipses are behind us, we are settling back into an emotional routine, but it may not feel all too routine if we have any strong fixed sign placements.

The Sun and Moon meet up in the early stages of Aquarius while square to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. While some consider Aquarius influences to be rather quirky, let's not go quite that far. The Aquarius thinking process is just not always in the here and now, but rather thinking towards the future. And that gets perceived as eccentric for those of us who are more concerned with what is happening today. Uranus in Taurus is pushing on us to move past the traditions, at least for today.

Mercury is also in Aquarius, having ingressed on January 16, well ahead of the Sun. The farther ahead of the Sun, that Mercury gets, the closer we are to Mercury's retrograde transit. Mercury's retrograde will start in the middle of February, so we need to be thinking now about how we can prepare. Are we traveling during the retrograde period? Now is the time to confirm all travel plans and make all the needed arrangements, to try to minimize any scheduling mistakes. Mercury is forming a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. This tends to involve some quick thinking on our parts, either because of an emergency, or due to a verbal dispute.

Venus and Neptune in Pisces are forming square aspects to Mars in Sagittarius. There's always the potential for sexual tension when Venus forms a square to Mars. But, on the other hand, Neptune's interaction may put a different spin on that. Venus and Neptune are sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn, which tends to promote friendship and proactive interactions with others, So, hopefully, it will all be more positive within our relationships. One great outlet when Venus and Neptune are involved together, is to learn a new talent, or expand on one that we have struggled with. There is a very artistic trait that comes to the surface with Neptune and Venus working together.

Just to give a heads up. Mars is starting to move into the high declinations in the southern hemisphere, and next month will be transiting out of bounds. This always tends to increase our anxiety. For those that struggle with trauma or anxiety, this can be a time that makes us more hypervigilant. Don't hesitate to check in with a medical provider or counselor to get some added assistance to navigate through the period of February 10 through March 3.

Saturn and Pluto are still conjunct in Capricorn. What are we struggling with? Each of us will be feeling this influence differently. Don't let it dictate a negative perception on life. Use it as a time to explore options, instead.

Overall, there are changes occurring as we head into the new year. There are mostly feminine receptive placements, that can help us to be patient as the changes emerge. With only one planet in a Fire Element, we may need to rely on our patience, as we may not feel too motivated to push any issues. There is a nice balance between the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable qualities, that allow us to see situations from multiple perspectives.

Meditation for the January 24th New Moon
A house with no curtains has nothing to hide.

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