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Pisces New Moon

March 6, 2019


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New Moon
in: Pisces 15°
March 6, 2019 @ 4:04 p.m. GMT
March 6, 2019 @ 8:04 a.m. PST -8
Sun is Pisces, 15° 47'
Moon is Pisces, 15° 47'

This new moon joins the Sun in Pisces. This new moon is a great time to do some soul searching. A little (or a lot) of honest introspection can help us assess our physical, emotional and psychological state of being. If we keep going over the same grievances or we keep getting the same pattern of messages from others, what is our role in that? Perhaps we need to change our perspective? Or find a professional to help us explore the issues in a healthy way. Perhaps there is something, or someone that we need to release in order to feel healthy? This is the new moon for that type of reflection.

The Moon and Sun are moving towards Neptune, creating a stellium in Pisces that encourages us to utilize Neptune to process some of our reflection. Be careful not to go all fantasy mode on ourselves, as Neptune can sometimes cause us to see things in an unrealistic manner. However, Neptune can infuse us with intuition and even some psychic abilities, if we tap into it correctly. Other positives of Neptune is expanding on the talents and skills that we already possess. An important component of this stellium in Pisces is to protect our health, be it mental health, or physical health. We need to know our limits. If we notice that something in our body just feels off, we should check in with our medical providers to explore the situation with us.

The stellium in Pisces is forming a sextile to Mars in Taurus, and also a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. The perks to these aspects will be that we can work through the processes in a methodical way that helps us to find a solution. The solution may not arrive right away, but we will have a start that can lead us there.

Mercury stationed on March 5, and is now moving retrograde back through Pisces until it stations direct on March 28. There is always an intensity to the transit when Mercury stations on the Anaretic degree of a sign. We may jump right into the retrograde without any gradual build up. This is a time that all things communication, travel and agreements seem to slide sideways. It can also be a bad time to purchase new or used items. Those items just seem to have more issues than it is worth. If it is necessary to purchase something, then go in with the understanding that it may not last as long as one would hope. Look for a temporary solution until something better can be purchased later in the next few months. If possible, it might be best to rent something until after March 28. These are just some thoughts. Read the Featured Mercury Article by Brian Habit that helps to explain it better.

Venus ingressed Aquarius on the first. Friendships and networks are likely to happen naturally most of this month.

Mars in Taurus is trine to Saturn in Capricorn. This can be a time of starting over, or starting on a new project with no expectations for end results, just yet. Mars in Taurus typically pushes us to try harder to improve our financial situation, or to protect the assets that we have. We are likely to stress about our security while Mars transits through Taurus. Sometimes the solution is not in finding more money, but in paring back on some of the excesses in our lives. Mars' transit through Taurus can help us to explore these options.

Last month, as Jupiter moved closer to the cusp of Capricorn (while in Sagittarius), the planet also slipped closer to the edge of extreme declinations. Although Jupiter will not be transiting Out of Bounds this year, it will spend quite a bit of time on the edge of the higher declinations. Jupiter will continue in the high declination zone until the month of June. It will ease away during its retrograde motion. However, later in the year, it will move back into the higher declination zone as it approaches the sign of Capricorn. While Jupiter is transiting in this area of the declinations, we are likely to experience some extremes that can make us feel vulnerable or, at the very least, quite uncomfortable. It could challenge our belief systems and/or our ideas that we have learned over the years. Science may reveal new concepts that we had never thought possible, as well.

For the month of March, Mercury will be the only planet that is going to transit retrograde motion. Next month, on April 10, Jupiter will station for, then begin, the retrograde motion in Sagittarius until August 11. Gradually, more planets will begin to retrograde motion until we have a good pack of planets in retrograde motion this summer. So, for now, be thankful that we are only dealing with Mercury's retrograde transit.

Uranus is in Taurus again, as of this morning, eight hours before the new moon peaks. But this time, it is for the duration. No more "opt outs" for about six years. Uranus will stay in Taurus now until July, 2025. So this will bring us new awareness within the sign of Taurus. The last time Uranus transited Taurus was 1934 into 1942. This was during the "Great Depression" and leading into World War II. Sometimes, we can look back at the aspects then to explore how the influences played out. While the events won't be exactly this same this time, it might be wise to think about how Uranus impacts our financial situations as well as our personal security.

The "dis"balance of the new moon chart is that it is heavy with feminine receptive placements. There are three planets located in the masculine signs, but they may not be strong enough placements to endure on their own. The feminine receptives, while the new moon is in Pisces will have its own brand of strength. It's an internal strength that does not need to rely on others to prop it up. This inner strength is from a faith in one's own abilities. This means that there are eight planets located in earth and water elements. It helps to rely on intuition and thoughtful consideration. The drawback is that we may second guess throughout the day, until we find some source of affirmation that we made the right choice. Where we find the most balance in this chart is with the quality placements. Once we feel like we are on the right track, we can easily sustain the energy to get us through to the other side.

Meditation for the March 6th New Moon
Falling in love too easily and too often may in fact be an expression of disaffection with oneself.

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