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Aries New Moon

March 21, 2023


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New Moon
in: Aries 0°
March 21, 2023 @ 5:23 p.m. GMT
March 21, 2023 @ 10:23 a.m. PDT -7
Sun is Aries, 0° 50'
Moon is Aries, 0° 50'

This new moon is literally on the cusp of Aries and is occurring shortly after the equinox of the new season. Sweet! You can check out the equinox chart on the Lunar Living home page. With this new moon, we are ready to start new projects, change out old and useless ideas, while finding options that appeal to our better sense. This is a great new moon to start an exercise plan, or clean out and clean up after the last season. During this new moon, the days are pretty much equal sunshine and darkness now. This helps to create a sense of balance in that we have plenty of daylight hours to accomplish a lot, but at the same time, have enough night time for getting to bed on time and getting more than enough rest that we need in order to stay on track. We need to watch out about over doing activities in our new moon and new season excitement.

The new moon is conjunct to Mercury in Aries. Remember that Mercury will be pushing us forward for the next month, before stationing retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Today's conjunction definitely lends some open-ended opportunities that we can explore. The new moon is forming an out of sign square to Mars in Gemini. We can power through a few things without too many annoyances cropping up. The new moon is also forming an out of sign sextile to Pluto as it prepares to move into Aquarius. We are likely to encounter a few "crazy" concepts over the next few weeks. We will want to find the practicality within those ideas, but is that really the point?

Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus today. We feel like we can take a breather when it comes to romance and finances. We can hone our talents during this new moon, to bring more inspiration back into our lives. Venus is square to Saturn in Aquarius. Our true, blue, loyalty is shining in this moment. We have a deep respect for certain individuals in our lives, and we are hoping that they will reciprocate with a similar feeling.

Mars in the late degrees of Gemini is forming an out of sign trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Now that we have grown sufficiently exhausted from the Mars' transit in Gemini (until March 25) we are stoked about Mars finally moving into Cancer, which is an unusual feeling, since Mars in Cancer tends to make us feel less resilient. But the extend transit of Mars in Gemini, especially while it was transiting Out of Bounds, has us just plain ol' worn out on that nervous energy that makes it difficult to get much accomplished. For so many of us, this closure of Mars, moving out of Gemini has us feeling like, "it's about time." As Mars moves into Cancer, the trine to Saturn will help us to get some of our balance back. Yet, for this new moon, specifically, don't expect too much from this trine. Allow it to gradually build into something we can utilize, soon enough.

Mars is also forming a square to Neptune in Pisces. Now is the time to be journaling about our accomplishments and our dreams. We may miss the subtle messages in the middle of all these other feelings of angst. Take about 5 minutes each morning, or each night, to just write about what we are feeling, or what we remember that stands out to us. By the time the full moon rumbles in, these notes will be useful.

One last note about Mars, is the inconjunct (quincunx) to Pluto in the Anaretic degree of Capricorn. This is another one of those "jittery" planet phases, that leaves us questioning if we are "doing it right?" We might, but we won't really know until Mars and Pluto pop out of these two signs.

Jupiter is just plowing through Aries until it pops into Taurus in May. No major aspects today, which is helpful, as we don't need Jupiter expanding more on the current tensions.

Saturn moved into Pisces two weeks ago, right after the full moon. We've had a couple weeks now to try to get a grip on this new Saturn/Pisces influence. We will be expected to take responsibility for some things that we have been avoiding, until now. Of course, it won't happen over night, or even in a few weeks, but we will need to come to terms with the expectations.

Overall, this new moon chart is set up to explore new opportunities. What is it that we want to accomplish this year? Are we making room in our lives for the inevitable changes that come with each Equinox? Focus! Aries influence tends to be impatient but don't let that take hold. Hold on to the optimism that we experience this next month, right on into the new moon in Taurus. Then we get to take a second look at what we need to be working on. There is plenty of balance to be had in this chart along with a little extra motivation to move us in the right direction.

*The featured computerized forecast reports this month are Saturn in Pisces, and Jupiter in Aries & Taurus report.

**A new article about the Native American phrases used to describe the full moon (month) is available with 18 different tribal moon names.

Meditation for the March 21st New Moon
The simplest melodies are the hardest to play.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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