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Taurus New Moon

May 19, 2023


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New Moon
in: Taurus 28°
May 19, 2023 @ 03:54 pm GMT
May 19, 2023 @ 08:54 am PDT -7
Sun is Taurus, 28° 25'
Moon is Taurus, 28° 25'

The new moon in Taurus is wrapping up the Sun's transit in ths sign of Taurus, but with three other planets in Taurus, is feeling very significant as we weigh our options before the Sun moves into Gemini in a day. This should not be a time of looking back, but we can't help but feel very reflective during this new moon. This new moon is one point of a Cradle aspect tying Mars, Neptune and Pluto into the mix. This is akin to making a strange concoction to see what we can create. We have both productive components and difficult components to work through, with no guarantees that the outcome is going to help us in the end. The connection to Pluto's retrograde in Aquarius is out of sign, which, sort of, waters down the concoction. But that may not be such a bad deal, as the newer taste of Pluto in Aquarius has been eye opening for most of us. Trying to sort out how to best use this aspect is the mission for the day. We have Neptune's spiritual connection reminding us to have an open heart. Mars' placement in Cancer is at the anaretic degree, reminding us that family and memories are still important factors in our lives. How we utilize this influence boils down to our personal values. Step over the judgments of others to get the most benefit from these connections.

Mercury in Taurus stationed direct a few days ago, and hopefully, we have started to get back on track after that set-back series of events. As Mercury moves through the retrograde shadow, we begin to find solutions to the issues we encountered during the retrograde motion between April 21 and May 15. Mercury is sextile to Saturn in Pisces. This helps us to focus on the important matters with less distraction to deal with.

Jupiter, on the cusp in Taurus is square to Pluto's retrograde on the cusp in Aquarius, and Mars' anaretic degree in Cancer. This is a T-square that may have us struggling with secrets. Either secrets that we have held within us, or secrets that were held from us that have just come to light. Most likely, we are going to wrestle with our own.

Pluto's first step into Aquarius has been an interesting experience for many of us. Pluto will return to Capricorn on June 11. Since there is no one alive that remembers living through Pluto's last Capricorn transit, we have all needed to examine and assess the events in ways we believed were for the best. Some people were stripped of power and we may believe it was for the best, while others were stripped of power and we may believe it was for the worse. With Pluto, there seems to be some evil acts that appear to be good, while there is some good that appears to be evil. But history can help us imagine, a little, how to best navigate Pluto's transit. The last time Pluto was at this point was in 1777. If we want to look back even more, the previous time Pluto was at this point of just stepping into Aquarius was 1532. So looking back at 1776, or 1531, would give us some insight as to how society dealt with Pluto's transition from Capricorn as it was moving into Aquarius. While the actual final ingress into Aquarius takes a couple of years, we get the picture about how Pluto influences transformations, especially when moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. The struggle for power and autonomy, then and now, continues to be the focus.

Overall, this new moon is pushing us out of our comfort zone. With nine planets in the Feminine receptive signs, that means there is only one in the Masculine. We feel content with waiting to see how it all turns out, yet at the same time, there is an internal struggle to align our beliefs with the metamorphosis that is inevitable. As mentioned earlier, opening our heart is important during this time. If possible, help others, even if we don't know exactly how to help ourselves, because the truth of the matter, it is not yet clear what we need in order to proceed. At the moment, most of our decisions are based on hunches. Even if we make a firm decision today, we likely will feel as though it was not the right one.

Meditation for the May 19th New Moon
There is man's time and there is God's time.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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