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Leo New Moon

August 8, 2021


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New Moon
in: Leo 16°
August 8, 2021 @ 1:50 p.m. GMT
August 8, 2021 @ 6:50 a.m. PDT -7
Sun is Leo, 16° 14'
Moon is Leo, 16° 14'

The new moon in Leo is always an interesting connection; not at all like the new moon in Cancer, where the Moon is the ruler, while Leo is the sign that the Sun rules. The new moon in Leo is more like a party where everyone wants to be the attention seeker or, at the very least, noticed for skills and talents. Last month, the Sun did its best to cater to the Cancer traits, and this time, the Moon will do its best to cater to the Leo traits.

The Moon was transiting Out of Bounds (OOB) August 4th through 7th, and it is no longer contributing to our stressors. Moon will be OOB again on August 17th through 20th. Keep aware of how we are dealing with stress, both emotional and physical. The Moon's OOB can also trigger memories of difficult situations that we survived. No other planets are transiting OOB this month. Pluto continues on its trek in the high declination region for the entire month. We may, or may not, feel it. Those of us who have planetary placements that are conjunct with Pluto's transit are most likely to feel SomeThing extra!

The new moon is square to Uranus (the only outer planet not in retrograde transit at the moment) in Taurus. Don't be surprised if we end up getting a huge surprise today. There may be challenges in how we deal with the event that Uranus has in store for us. We will be expected to think "outside the box" in finding a solution. Find the right solution, and we find relief.

The only other planet in Leo is Mercury. Mercury is the apex of a Yod (mirrored quincunx aspects) from Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. In other words, all eyes are on Mercury. Pluto and Neptune are seemingly hidden from view, yet still pulling strings on the event. Mercury's role in this is setting the stage for both the Sun and Moon when they transit over 23 degrees Leo. Moon will move over this degree, retriggering the Yod on the 9th of August. Then on the 16th, the Sun will retrigger this area. And, we ask, "what is being triggered?" Most likely, there will be misunderstandings about "who we are" or "what we are." Mercury brings up a sense of "devaluing" within a yod, while Pluto takes on the role of changing that, and Neptune takes on the role of masking or pretending that it is something else altogether. Nothing serious, just annoying.

Venus is in Virgo and is also tapping into the Yod but from a different angle. Venus is trine to Pluto retrograde and opposing Neptune retrograde, to form a Wedge pattern. These influences all are blended together without any one standout of possibilities. Yet, the potentials are many. It could involve money, love/sex, relationships, talents, and Venus, being in Virgo could also bring up matters involving coworkers, personal health, gossip, or even just, cleaning and organizing our possessions. Again, the ties back to Pluto and Neptune retrogrades also involve change, taking control, or clearing the deck, to ignoring, avoiding, or pretending that it simply does not matter. The nice feature about a wedge is that we are given two doors of options to choose from. Finding the better option is the difficult part.

*Mars' transit through Virgo tends to push us to find meaning in our jobs or our roles. Virgo and Mars together enhance our ability to see value, whether that involves making the best, most intricate doodads or grandscale whatchamabobs. Mars pushes us to plan, organize, and pay attention to all the minor details. This can be intellectually draining, so be certain to include time to sleep and exercise in between all the planning.

Jupiter retrograde has moved back into Aquarius. If we felt on edge the past week, that's because Jupiter was moving back over the Anaretic Degree of Aquarius. Now we are just dealing with the retrograde motion factor, and not the intensity of the 29th degree. We are re-evaluating all that we may have felt while Jupiter was direct in this degree, during the first week of May. Let's see, during that time, we learned the Olympia Dukakis died, the Derek Chauvin jurors were speaking out, a Catholic archbishop was speaking his opinions about communion "etiquette," more court opinions regarding excessive force used by police, and much ado about "critical race theory," to name a few. We are likely to revisit the matters from that time period, but from a different point of view. No current aspects with Jupiter to muddy up the observations.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is just backing out of a square to Uranus in Taurus. Don't over think spontaneous comments you hear from friends or family. We are working through ideas and opinions, and may be guilty of spouting our own perspectives, too. Try not to take or make any of them personal.

This covers the aspects for the day, and overall, we should be able to navigate without too much difficulty. There's balance between the masculine and feminine receptives, there's mostly balance with the four elemental signs, and the only area that we might feel a bit sluggish is our drive and motivation, with six planets in Fixed Quality signs. Thankfully, there are enough Mutable placements to help us to adapt as needed.

* Note - Error on original article used the sign Leo for Mars, when Virgo was intended. Overall intent was correct, but the error was the sign used. Sorry about that.

Meditation for the August 8th New Moon
When are we truly ourselves?

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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