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Leo New Moon

August 19, 2020


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New Moon
in: Leo 26°
August 19, 2020 @ 2:43 a.m. GMT
August 18, 2020 @ 7:43 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Leo, 26° 35'
Moon is Leo, 26° 35'

The Sun and Moon join up in Leo today. That's always fun for Sun, but not so much for Moon as it gets a bit too hot when it is so close to the Sun in the Sun's home turf. Mercury is joining the mix in close proximity to the Sun and Moon. All these bring up different traits but for similar reasons. The Sun wants to lead with everyone being loyal to that lead, while the Moon. emotionally, wants to be the center of attention, and Mercury wants to contemplate the desire for all the attention. Regardless, this all involves needing or having others around, but not always factoring in how others might be feeling. The new moon stellium is trine to Mars in Aries. Mars is also home in Aries, adding fuel to the fiery attitudes that are stirred up at this point in time. We are likely to take offense easily simply because we are all going in different directions with our agendas. Don't be surprised if someone gets called out for being selfish, or singular-minded. What we can't see on the chart is the inconjunction from the new moon to Saturn's retrograde motion in Capricorn. Saturn is moving over a critical degree of Capricorn, which adds significance to this aspect. The orbs for inconjunct aspect must be very tight, so they are rarely included on the charts we do. This one is tight enough to talk about even though it does not show up on the chart. This inconjunction also ties back in with the Mars aspect. Inconjunctions are a bit like a niggling feeling about something. That reminder that we should have done something but for some reason have forgotten. That reminder will be back with this new moon. Now is the time to finish up that forgotten project.

The moon's out of bounds (OOB) transit occurred on August 14 and 15 before the new moon. This tends to heighten our feelings/emotions involving vulnerability in the face of adverse events as we head into the new moon. The next OOB transit will start on August 27 and end on August 29.

Venus in Cancer seeks emotional security. A childhood memory is likely to bubble back up in an uncomfortable way, especially since Venus is sextile to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. How it turns out will largely depend upon what our needs are for the day. Thankfully, we have some control on the outcome.

Mars is not only involved in the new moon, but has square aspects over to Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Our perspectives is being pushed to its limits. Can we accept that change is necessary in order to move forward again? Or are we going to resist that change because it felt more comfortable the way things used to be. For some of us, it is easier to wait until the change is done and then adapt to it. For others, involvement is the key to feeling a sense of "at least I tried." Do we manifest our destiny, or do we let destiny wash over us? Either may be the correct way to deal with it, as long as we acknowledge that the outcome may not be what we had hoped for.

Jupiter's transit back through Capricorn is moving away from Pluto's conjunction, but is still there, just enough, to push on that ambition button. There are likely to be competitions that creep in because we have let our guard down. There can be some jealousy by others who don't want us to succeed. Rise above it while staying true to our values and convictions will be the best option. Jupiter's retrograde is in a tight sextile to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We will seem to intuitively know what to do and how to do it, when pressed into action.

Uranus began its retrograde transit on August 15. It's not like the crazy events, twists, turns and accidents stop because of the retrograde motion, but that there will be additional impact. Regardless, the "unforeseen" consequences are still tied to Uranus and finding the way through that is up to us making better choices in spite of what others may tell us, or emulate for us.

Overall, this chart is not likely to do too much damage for us. There are a few challenges, but there are considerably more productive aspects in this chart. The one area that we might stumble over is in our need to adapt to change. We may resist more readily than adapt since there are very few mutable quality placements in this new moon chart. The plus to this is that it will enhance our ability to stay focused and concentrate.

Meditation for the August 19th New Moon
The most difficult way isn't always the best.

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