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Libra New Moon

October 9, 2018


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New Moon
in: Libra 15°
October 9, 2018 @ 3:46 a.m. GMT
October 8, 2018 @ 8:46 p.m. PDT -7
Sun is Libra, 15° 48'
Moon is Libra, 15° 48'

We are finding relief, little by little, as the number of retrograde planet transits reduce. Remember, early in the year, there were no retrograde motioning (Rx) planets for two months, which is quite rare to go that long without any Rx planets. By July, we had five to six Rx planets (including Chiron). In August, it jumped up to seven planets, which is quite a few (and rare) to occur Rx at the same time. To put this in to perspective, the Sun and Moon never motion retrograde. That means that there were only two (other) planets in the sky moving direct (forward), during that time in August. The planets that were in the Rx Mix were Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Venus and Jupiter were not Rx. In September it dropped to four and will hold with four retrograde transits through October, now that Venus is Rx. The fact that both Mars and Venus will have transited retrograde in the same year, is also somewhat unusual. About the time that Venus finishes Rx in November, Mercury will step in, and hold on to the four Rx planets until the last week of November. The Rx planets will drop down to one throughout most of December. As such, if you felt like you were doing the two steps backwards dance most of the summer, that's because of all the retrograde motioning planets. Now we can breathe a little, although we will have to deal with Mercury Rx, soon enough.

The new moon in Libra will start to bring some sense of relief, as well. We are tired of all the bickering, and want to return to a sense of harmony, or at least, some sense of fairness. Unfortunately, the new moon's square to Pluto in Capricorn could bring with it a clash with the bully squad. Some people seem to never give up trying to force their opinions, and this aspect may only contribute to that occurring in our lives today. Might be a great day to just turn off the phone and avoid the news.

Mercury's transit through Libra is almost done. Our indecisiveness will wrap up in a few days, as Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 10. Mercury is forming an inconjunct aspect to Chiron retrograde in Pisces, which is likely to cause some memories about the past to worm back into our decisions. For good or for bad, we are likely to think back on some old memories that we thought we had let go of, long ago. Mercury is also forming an out of sign opposition with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. In truth, we may not even notice this, until the 10th, when Mercury moves into Scorpio. Then, our thinking may scatter and become less productive than we would like.

Venus in Scorpio began its retrograde motion on October 5. Those who understand the nature of Venus in Scorpio were not surprised by the fevered pitch that grew out the Supreme Court nomination last week. Remember, Venus moved into Scorpio on September 9th. Um, let's see, that was the day that Serena Williams blew a gasket on the tennis court at a male umpire. That was also the day we learned of a female officer who shot her neighbor inside her neighbor's apartment while contending she believed she was in her own apartment. The day after, CBS CEO Moonves was stepping down amid multiple sexual harassment allegations. And so, the start of Venus in Scorpio began, this year.

Today, Venus is square to Mars in Aquarius. The squabbles about inequality are likely to continue, as are disappointments about money matters. Venus' trine to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, on the other hand, could bring our talents to the surface. However, these may come about in unusual ways, as we trip our way into a new venue that takes us down a different path than usual.

Jupiter in Scorpio is not attached to any other planet today. Jupiter is finishing up with Scorpio, and preparing to move into Sagittarius next month. Until the end of October, we are not going to see much activity, aspect-wise, out of Jupiter.

Saturn in Capricorn is trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Mercury will join into the mix forming a wedge on October 10. Our skills at leadership are likely to be tested. If we pass the muster, we are likely to move up a rank or at least see a small increase in our paycheck.

Thankfully, this new moon chart is not too out of whack (balance). There are a nice mix of feminine and masculine receptives. Although the majority of the planets are transiting in the southern hemisphere of the chart, that's not detrimental in any way. The only low element in this chart is Fire. Fire tends to get us off our behinds and looking for opportunities. So, we should not be too disappointed if we just wait a day or two, or three, for more planets to transit into the Fire signs. There are plenty of other ways to stay motivated and searching for higher objectives in our lives. The Hunter's full moon in two weeks will truly feel lopsided. So we should value the balance that we are able to feel with this new moon.

Meditation for the October 9th New Moon
I saw a boat slowing cutting its way through a frozen river and at the same moment a friend said "Love breaks the ice."

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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