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Scorpio New Moon

November 15, 2020


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New Moon
in: Scorpio 23°
November 15, 2020 @ 5:08 a.m. GMT
November 14, 2020 @ 9:08 p.m. PST -8
Sun is Scorpio, 23° 18'
Moon is Scorpio, 23° 18'

The Sun in Scorpio is joined by the Moon today adding a level of intensity to both our emotions and our senses. We are more likely to feel sensations more intensely, like smells, pain, taste, et al. We are likely to become more curious about this intensity, or we may become fearful of it. Either way, it should be short lived, and something that won't be replicated again in the near future, no matter how hard we make the attempt. We are likely to keep this information to ourselves out of fear of what others will think. Take the risk to ask if others are "feeling" this way, and we might get a pleasant surprise that it is not just "you."

Before jumping into the new moon aspects, let's talk a little about the Out of Bounds moon transit from November 4 to November 7. The whole world watched the anguishingly slow election count for the US president and other candidates this year. Thanks to Mercury's retrograde ending on election day, (November 3) and then the Moon edging out of bounds shortly after, it was akin to an insult and then an injury. Throw in the relentless search for survivors after the earthquake in Turkey. Then, add in the fact that the coronavirus infections have started surging, especially in the northern hemisphere. The Moon's OOB can really amplify any feelings of vulnerability. The last Moon OOB occurred over the northern hemisphere we should cautiously anticipate the next OOB transit to see what happens between November 17 to 20, when the Moon pushes OOB over the southern hemisphere.

Back to our regularly scheduled chart information, the new moon is forming several sextile aspects to the planetary stellium in Capricorn. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, all transiting direct now, are forming one last conjunction amongst themselves basically until the middle of December. All three planets are also moving back over "old" territory that they recently transited first direct, then retrograde. So events are likely to feel familiar, but challenging, nonetheless. The perplexing factor about this stellium is that Pluto seeks to clear out (kill) useless ideas/actions, Jupiter seeks to expand or explode anything or everything, while Saturn seeks to build stability or restrict activities to try to prevent destruction. All three planets are powerful in their own ways but in this case, are not working cohesively. The Scorpio new moon tapping into these three at the same time may cause us to feel even more unstable emotionally and physically. Thankfully, as a sextile, there might be some good that will eventually culminate from that powerhouse connection.

Mercury, as we already know, is direct and moving quickly back over the old retrograde territory until November 19, to then proceed on through the fresh 2020 Scorpio landscape. Mercury in Scorpio always brings fresh ideas and we are able to see past the ulterior motives of others, if we choose to. Sometimes, we ignore the obvious because it gives us some type of assurance or a sense of stability with something that we think we know. It's a false sense of control that we become comfortable with. But, with Mercury's opposition to Uranus retrograde in Taurus, this comfort may be eroding either because we are changing, or the person we think we know is changing. Whoops!

Venus is finishing up in its home sign of Libra and is now forming a square to the Capricorn stellium. Let's just say that relationships, partnerships, legal matters, and monetary matters may get disrupted over the next few days, if disruption has not already occurred. Depending on many factors, it is either a time to step back to disengage, or plow through to embrace the changes. Either way, it is likely to be stressful.

Mars, also at home, is in the sign of Aries. The retrograde motion ended on November 14. The journey back through Aries after the retrograde can bring new awareness for the next couple of months and into the first week of January. Then it will be an all new 2021 Mars journey through the last few degrees of Aries before popping into Taurus. Some of us have been feeling lethargic and sluggish while Mars was transiting retrograde. Now it is time to gradually recover and build back the vitality that was lost.

The planets are mostly in feminine receptive signs, helping us to feel more self-reliant. Self-reliance can be good if we are making good choices. If we are making choices about our safety based on false information, it can be dangerous. Check the pride at the door when necessary for the sake of humanity and humility.

With most of the planets in Earth and Water elements, we may continue to feel as though we are weighted down and trying to move through wet cement. A slow and steady course might be prudent. But, don't slow so much that it dries before we can escape. Thankfully, five planets are in Cardinal mode, giving us the opportunity to problem solve. However, there are four planets in Fixed mode, and that means we may solve ourselves right into a corner with no escape. Being right, merely for the sake of being right, can isolate us from other viable options. Sometimes, the trusted friends who love us can help us find better solutions. In the middle of solving a problem, we need to choose the solutions wisely.

The next full moon in Gemini will be an annular lunar eclipse.

Meditation for the November 15th New Moon
Non-movement can be the most challenging stance.

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