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Capricorn New Moon

December 23, 2022


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Image Copyright unknown - Capricorn new moon
New Moon
in: Capricorn 1°
December 23, 2022 @ 10:17 a.m. GMT
December 23, 2022 @ 2:17 a.m. PST -8
Sun is Capricorn, 1° 33'
Moon is Capricorn, 1° 33'

The new moon of December is occurring a day after the Solstice passes and the Sun has moved into Capricorn. Life takes a more serious turn, now. We feel like we have more responsibility to attend to, and need to stop "fooling around." That's the nature of Capricorn shining through just as the year is coming to a close. But, we still have the urge to have fun, and should, while attending to the obligations that are needed to take care of ourselves and others.

Jupiter has moved back into Aries, lining up to a square aspect with the new moon. Squares to Jupiter don't necessarily bring us more challenges, but it can it can EXPAND on the matters that we are already having to deal with. There are two ways to approach this influence. Prepare ahead of time for the situations to get worse for a day or two, by looking for solutions before Jupiter expands on them, or cool our heels for a day or two, and then go into solution mode. Either way can work. The main key is to not get worked up into a frenzy over the issues. Either be prepared, or wait until we have the ability to fix the issues.

Aside from that, this new moon should bring positive outcomes on several layers. Mercury in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Both are direct motion (for a few days) and allows us to find creative outlets, whether that is journaling, music, painting, drawing, or creating something for the holidays. Our talents will bubble up in new ways. Just remember that Mercury will station retrograde on December 29, and then we will be dealing with that "re do, re view, re flect," until the middle of January.

Venus in Capricorn is trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This can also be a "fun-loving" aspect in that it can add to the spontaneity of interactions. Our desire for status and financial security are front and center while Venus moves through Capricorn. So the connection of Uranus transiting through Taurus will help take our minds off these feelings, at least for the day.

Mars retrograde in Gemini is also Out of Bounds. We are feeling restless and, possibly, exhausted. Thankfully, no major aspects from Mars. We just need to keep riding through any negativity that this transit brings about. We are almost done with it, and then we can start resolving the left over Mars problems in a few weeks.

Overall, this new moon chart brings more introspective thoughts to the surface for us. We can't rely on others to fix problems for us. We need to be self-reliant and resilient during this new moon. We are helped with so many planets (six) in Earth element signs and also six planets in Cardinal modality signs. We will intuitively find practical solutions while feeling motivated and optimistic. But, we can hit the wall of limitations if we try to do too much. Our energy levels are not endless, and if we try to ignore our limitations, the solutions that we "believed" would work, may turn into more problems.

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, Joyous Kwanzaa, World Peace Meditation Day, and Happy New Years.

Meditation for the December 23rd New Moon
Being overlooked can sometimes be a blessing.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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