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Note - this is not a downloadable app. The flash size was reduced in an effort to make it easier to use on an iPhone or other tablet device.

Learn more about the basic layout of the tropical chart. There's a larger version of the Chart Maker for your desktop. Your browser will need to be able to handle a flash application.

The chart maker can be used for creating placidus or koch house charts. I believe that the chart maker is fairly self explanatory; year, month, day, hour (24) and minutes. You can use the map to track down your latitude and longitude for the chart. Latitude and Longitude Map If you don't know which time zone, the Current Timezone Map might be able to help.

If you just want a quick chart for your current location be sure to add latitude (n/s) and longitude (e/w). People who live in the United States will use North and West. If you don't know your current latitude/longitude, a quick "middle" would be 40° 0' North and the following longitudes for your time zone.

  • Hawaii/Alaska AHST/DT 160° W
  • Alaska/Yukon YST/DT 150° W
  • Pacific PST/PDT 125° W
  • Mountain MST/MDT 110° W
  • Central CST/CDT 95° W
  • Eastern EST/EDT 80° W
Some other locations
  • United Kingdom BST 0° E 55° N
  • Central Europe CEST/CEDT 10° E 45° N
  • India IST/IDT 77° E 20° N
  • Australia West AWST/DT 115° E 25° S
  • Australia East AEST/DT 145° E 25° S
  • New Zealand NZT/NZD 175° E 45° S
The chart is not print-able. The best way to save a copy is to take a screenshot of the page and save it on your computer. If you don't know how to make a screen shot for your type of computer/device you can use a search engine to find instructions.

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