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On The Wing With Mercury Retrograde

by Brian Habit and Ana Schedel
March 29, 2004 from Proud Phoenix Astrology
Reposted & Updated March 1, 2019 by J McCaul.


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This article repost is in memoriam of Brian Habit, who was an astrologer with a great sense of wisdom and purpose. Brian was also a social worker, loved by many and inspiring in his approach on life. Brian died in 2014, but his astrological wisdom is still with us in the form of web archives. In memory of Brian, I would like to revisit one of his articles and his knowledge. Brian, I truly miss your wit and your loving, keen spirit.

Mercury, the "Winged Messenger of the Gods" has his wings upside down!

*He will be retrograde from April 1 until April 25, although you might feel the affect one or two weeks prior to April 1. The starting point is 27° Aries and stopping point is 16° Aries. (Edited by JMcC, 1/2/2024.)

Mercury rules communication in all forms, so this is one of the areas in which you might feel the effects of retrogradation most strongly. Letters and emails may get lost. People may misunderstand the messages that you want to transmit. Postponements and delays could occur. We ourselves might even change our minds often during a Mercury retrograde period and feel uncertain about which decision to make.

What should we avoid during these times? Well, of course life has to go on, but we can take some precautions.

It is advisable not to sign contracts, or begin new projects, or purchase major items. Use the time for careful evaluation and for re-checking everything. Make sure to back-up your electronic correspondence, and allow for the possibility that you might experience delays, or lose things or misplace them.

Traveling Tips
Now, Mercury retrograde periods are not as bad as they might sound. During such times, we are invited to slow down, think twice, do a thorough analysis before making any decisions, and carefully evaluate the options that we have chosen. These periods are well-suited for redoing things: rewriting, rearranging, renegotiating, retracing our steps, rethinking . . . almost anything that starts with "re-"!

For example, returning to places that you have visited in the past, either for work or for pleasure, is supported by Mercury retrograde. He's not so big, however, on going to new places for the first time. Sometimes familiar faces resurface, too, while Mercury is retrograde, so don't be surprised if an old friend, or someone whom you have not spoken in a very long time suddenly "pops up". That's clever Mercury retrograde at work, too.

Roll Call: Who's Affected?
Now, you might wonder who will be mostly affected while Mercury is flying with his wings upside down. Well, those people who were born under the signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) stand to be especially affected, as do those with Mercury placed prominently in their charts.

All of us, however, stand to be affected to one extent or another. Exactly how we're likely to be affected varies depending on our natal charts.

To see where Mercury might influence you, look at your natal chart:
NOTE: If you don't have a copy of your birth chart, you can enter birth information and get a free chart at

1. In which house do you find Mercury? This is one of the areas of your life that may very well be affected.

For example, Ana has her natal Mercury in her 7th house of intimate relationships. So what can she expect? Well, maybe she suddenly feels misunderstood by her husband. Maybe she feels like he won't understand what she's trying to say. Or she might receive news from an old flame. Maybe a "hidden enemy" will even come out into the open suddenly. After all, the 7th house is the house of open enemies.

2. Also check your chart to see which houses have Gemini or Virgo on their cusps (or starting points). You may also feel Mercury's touch in those houses.

In Ana's case, Mercury rules her 3rd and 6th houses. The 3rd house relates to communication, short travel and siblings, while the 6th house is where she encounters her responsibilities, her job, and some of her health issues. Maybe that new job that was almost a sure thing for her turns out not to such a golden opportunity after all. Maybe she sends an email to a colleague, and it gets lost in cyberspace. Or maybe she changes her mind about that project that she wanted to start with her sister. . . .

3. Finally, check your chart to see which house or houses Mercury will occupy when he changes direction. *Which house contains the degree and sign that Mercury's retrograde begins? That's where Mercury will be hovering when he starts flying upside-down (when he turns retrograde). And which house contains the degree and sign that Mercury stops the retrograde motion? That's where he'll be when he starts flying rightside-up again (when he turns direct). Matters related to those houses may also be affected significantly, especially around the dates that pertain to them, respectively.

Bon Voyage
Remember: When the Winged Messenger of the Gods turns his wings upside down, it can still be nice to navigate the heavens. We may just have to make sure we double-check our course, so that we won't be forced to say: "Houston, we have a problem."

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*Slight modifications to dates and wording to update the article for the recent Mercury Retrograde.

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