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February 2023 Monthly Horoscopes
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Sun Sun Sign in Aquarius Aquarius 17° 4'
Moon Moon in Leo Leo 21° 3'
February 06, 2023 Mon UTC

Monthly Horoscopes for February

2023 Current Lunar Article

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Today is Monday February 6, 2023
The Moon is currently

Daily Moon Sign Leo 21° 3'

Moon is in Leo ...

People tend to be more in the mood for romance, affection, attention and recognition while the Moon is in Leo. People are generally more optimistic and creative.

If your natal Moon is in Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries or Gemini, vitality and generosity is increased while the Moon is in Leo. Limitations are less noticeable and new heights of leadership can be achieved. If your natal Moon is in Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus, jealousy and selfishness may increase at this time. This is a perfect time to show and receive kindness and generosity.

Vitality, loyalty, creativity & leadership are the focus.

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