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Sun Sun Sign in Sagittarius Sagittarius 11° 52'
Moon Moon in Sagittarius Sagittarius 4° 53'
December 03, 2021 Fri UTC

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Today is Friday December 3, 2021
The Moon is currently

Daily Moon Sign Sagittarius 4° 53'

Moon is in Sagittarius ...

People are likely to be more idealistic and optimistic while the Moon is in Sagittarius. The desire to travel, to be outdoors and a sense of restlessness are heightened at this time. People are generally warm and friendly during this period; however there is also a strong need for independence.

If your natal Moon is in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Leo or Libra, there is a philosophical influence in the air and a desire for self-improvement. If your natal Moon is in Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, life can feel more like a philosophical puzzle and out of control while the Moon is in Sagittarius. Now is a good time to attend a seminar and focus on learning new truths.

Idealism, religion, law, & generosity are the focus.

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