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March 2021 Monthly Horoscopes
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Sun Sun Sign in Pisces Pisces 12° 13'
Moon Moon in Libra Libra 26° 4'
March 02, 2021 Tue UTC

Monthly Horoscopes for March

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Today is Tuesday March 2, 2021
The Moon is currently

Daily Moon Sign Libra 26° 4'

Moon is in Libra ...

People are likely to seek out partnerships or significant relationships while the Moon is in Libra. There is a heightened sensitivity to the opinions of others. People generally seek out a sense of harmony and balance.

If your natal Moon is in Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini or Leo, this is a good time for projects requiring teamwork. A desire for friendship and tolerance is evident. If your natal Moon is in Capricorn, Aries or Cancer, there may be a tendency to rock the boat in order to get a change implemented. Be careful not to rock that boat for selfish reasons while the Moon is in Libra. It's a good time for social gatherings and artistic endeavors.

Partnership, harmony, balance & justice are the focus.

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