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The Moon Signs in Astrology

Currently the Lunar Sign is:
Moon Moon Signs in Libra Libra 9° 0'
April 21, 2024 Sun UTC
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Lunar Astrology is Moon Astrology

What is the spin with the Moon in Astrology? Just about everyone knows his/her Sun sign (a.k.a. Solar Sign). Yet, interestingly enough, hardly anyone knows his/her Moon Sign (a.k.a. Lunar Sign). Even though the lunar sign is the second most important zodiac placement in a person's chart, very few people actually know what sign their Moon is placed in. If you are interested in finding your lunar sign, then click on the "Calculator" link in the top banner. The planets placement page can be used to calculate moon's sign by date and time plus help you locate the placement of the Moon and other planets for you on your date of birth. You can also check out the moon signs for family and friends. The calculator reveals other planet placements, as well, including your Sun Sign. These are the same planet placements that are used in a natal astrology reading of the individual chart in a Natal Report.

Why are Lunar Signs so Hard to Find?

The Moon is the fastest moving "planetary" cycle in the astrological chart. The Moon's placement within a zodiac sign is measured in degrees °, minutes ' and seconds ". For convenience, most astrologists round the measurement to degrees and minutes. The Moon moves approximately one minute through a sign every two minutes in time or approximately 13 degrees each day. Similar to "time," astrology measures movement through the zodiac as 60 seconds equals 1 minute and 60 minutes equals one degree. Then the difference becomes more apparent. Each sign equals 30 degrees and all 12 zodiac signs total 360 degrees to form a complete circle.

Why is the Moon Important in Astrology?

The Moon's zodiac sign within our birth chart helps to define our emotional state of development. Some astrologers believe that this placement is the unconscious side of our personality. Our emotions may be formed subconsciously, but we know what we feel when we feel it, making it conscious to us at a very personal level. Although we may not share these feelings as openly as we share our Sun's zodiac sign traits, our lunar zodiac sign traits are where we intuitively go to find comfort, inner peace, childhood memories, or where the emotions of jealousy, rage, and hate reside in our psyche. This placement in our charts also influence other senses such as sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. These are all connected directly to our subconscious memories. In a sense, our lunar placement is very important in that it helps to make us bit different from everyone else within our primary Solar sign.

Where can i find my Moon Sign?

Lunar Living recently put together a very easy to use, free zodiac sign locator for the moon online. You can use it to find your moon's sign as well as the sign for your friends and loved ones. After using this moon sign calculator tool, you can read about the traits of the signs, and compare your sign with another's moon to learn how well you two relate intutively.

Where can I read about the Lunar Sign I was born with?

We have a separate page for each of the zodiac signs specifically focused on the lunar astrology of the moon. The links can be found at the bottom of this page or the right hand column buttons. The lunar placements can also be used for relationship compatibility. Go to the MoonMatchMe page to read more about the importance of sign compatibility with the moon.

Read more about the astrology message of the Moon in your chart at Astrology Zone's Cosmic Tools and another resource is at Astroscoped Astrology Lessons.

Amusing Lunar Facts

What is the Moon? It is not a planet, although many scientists may think of it as one! It is a satellite of the Earth. In other words, it is a big chunk of rock, orbiting the Earth and is kept within a certain distance from the Earth (approx. 238,866 miles away) because of the Earth's gravitational pull. Without that gravitational pull, the Moon would move farther out into space away from the Earth. Also, the Moon's gravity affects our ocean tides. Obviously, as with astrology, there is a fine balance between the Sun, Moon and Earth.

The Moon is larger than Pluto with a diameter of approximately 2,160 miles. It takes approximately 27.3 days to travel all the way around the earth, moving at a rate of a little over one-half mile each second. According to some scientists, the Moon's rate of orbit is slowing down and it is slowly moving away from the Earth.

It is believed that asteroids crashing into it millions of years ago created the many craters on the Moon. Since there is almost no atmosphere, there is essentially no wind or rain to cause these craters to erode or change. Also, because of this, the temperatures on the "sunny-side" of the Moon can reach 273°F while on the dark-side the temperatures plummet to a chilly -243°F.

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