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Currently the Lunar Sign is:

Moon Moon Signs in Virgo Virgo 16° 36'
February 25, 2024 Sun UTC

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Calculate Moon Signs and Planet Signs

Click the Planet Placements button (below) to find the Moon Sign and other planet placements for your date of birth. For the Astrological Planetary Calculator to function, your browser must have javascript enabled and accept cookies. A more accurate moon sign calculation will be obtained if you know the time of your birth along with the timezone calculation. You will need to add or subtract hours to the GMT based on the timezone that you were born in. Need more help with timezones?Timezones Help for Moon Signs Calculator

(See timezones link below.)

Planet Placements and Moon Sign Calculations are provided by Abacus Free Astrology Services © K N Priddy, 1998,
*but the website no longer exists.

This Page Can Adjust for Birth Place Time Zone Difference.

Do you only want to find your moon sign?

The Moon Sign Calculator is designed for newbies to astrology who don't want to hassle with confusing astrology jargon.

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This timezone list is incomplete. A more complete atlas with timezones can be found at Astrodienst.

*Please Note:  The date/time charts by Abacus Free Astrology are not 100% accurate, however they are close. In order to obtain an accurate astrological chart, the date, time of birth and the city of the birth are needed in order to do a complete chart calculation.

How to adjust the time of birth to use the planet calculator.
Most individuals are not born in the timezone of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So, to adjust the birthtime, it is important to know which timezone you were born in. For our example, we will pick a birth time but use different places.

Let's say a person was born on March 22, 1943 at 5:30 a.m. We will need to adjust that time based on GMT. Without the location, we can't get the correct time. It is important to know the timezone to adjust the birthtime to GMT.

For example, March 22, 1943 at 5:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) +8 hours would adjust to March 22, 1943 13:30 GMT while March 22, 1943 5:30 a.m. China Coast Time (CCT) -8 hours would adjust to March 21 1943 21:30 GMT. Notice that the "day" and "time" for GMT may both change due of the adjustment for the timezone.

The table below gives you a sense of how important it is to find the right time for GMT. The Moon's sign and placement based on the timezone adjusted birthtime can change both by degree and by sign.

 Timezone  March 22, 1943 5:30 a.m.
 changes based on timezones
 AHS +10 hrs  March 22, 1943 15:30 GMT  09° 45' Libra
 PST +8 hrs  March 22, 1943 13:30 GMT  08° 40' Libra
 EST +5 hrs  March 22, 1943 10:30 GMT  07° 03' Libra
 EET -2 hrs  March 22, 1943 03:30 GMT  03° 17' Libra
 CCT -8 hrs  March 21, 1943 21:30 GMT  00° 04' Libra
 GST -10 hrs  March 21, 1943 19:30 GMT  29° 01' Virgo

If you know the timezone of the birth location, you can use the timezone chart (timezone button is above) to help you adjust the hours to GMT. A world timezone map can be located at U.S. Naval Observatory.

Let's go find my Moon Sign!

If our moon sign calculator is too complex or complicated for you, visit our sister site, MoonMatch.Me to use that easy to use moon sign calculator. Finding the moon signs with the calculator may be easier at MoonMatch.Me, but it is not as precise if you are looking for other details.

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All planetary information on Lunar Living is based on Tropical computations (aka Western Astrology).

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