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The Moon's Void of Course (V-O-C)

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When the Moon is Void of Course

A Void-of-Course transit of the moon is a period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while transiting in one sign and the point that the Moon enters the next sign (ingress). It takes approximately 27.5 days for the moon to loop all the way around the Earth. Many interactions (aspects) are made between the Moon and the various planets as it cycles around the Earth. Typically, each aspect will last only for a few hours since the Moon's transiting cycle is the shortest (fastest) of all the planets. There will be approximately 13 Void Moon periods per month. The Void can last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the placements of the planets.

The Void-of-Course (VOC) is similar to a short-lived rest or a recuperation period for the Moon before it starts on its next emotional path into the fresh astrological sign. The Moon's transit through a sign sets the stage for our feelings. In addition, the aspects that it makes to the planets while transiting a sign tends to put a quick "spotlight" of focus to those feelings. Our frame of mind may be influenced during particular transits and aspects. Plus, the nature of that final aspect leading into the VOC will add a bit of flavoring to our emotional state during the Void Moon. We tend to feel a little lost during a VOC, because the Moon, representing our moods and emotions, is taking a bit of a nap. We may feel out of sorts, confused, frustrated, or rundown. But since the VOC is relatively short, we may not even really notice it all that much. It may have passed before we have even had the chance to put a finger on our feelings.

It is believed that new ideas or new tasks should not be implemented during the VOC because the time will be misspent or the task will be done incorrectly and need to be redone later. This "loss" may be caused by an inattention to details or missed information. On the other hand, the VOC is an outstanding time to plan for an upcoming project or to reflect on an event. Or, better yet, just take a rest, right along with the Moon!

*** Void of Course Moon Information Although the site is now gone, I found a very nice instance of the traditional definition in Anthony Louis' "Horary Astrology": "The Moon or any planet is 'void of course' when it makes no major Ptolemaic aspects before leaving its sign. Firmicus Maternus refers to the void of course planet as traveling in an aspect vacuum. The five major aspects used to make this judgement are Ptolemy's conjunction, sextile, square, opposition and trine." Al H. Morrison studied the Void Of Course Moon for over 45 years, and his conclusion was that the Moon was Void after its last Ptolemaic aspect to the Sun or one of the planets, and that the semisextile, quincunx or other minor aspect could not save the Moon from being Void. (He also concluded that neither Chiron nor the asteroids could stop the Moon from being Void either.) Al's research supported the traditional definition.***

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