Monthly Transits Horoscopes

November 2020

Week 1
Monday November 2, 2020 19:06 GMT Mercury Squares Saturn Your thinking may be concentrated, obstructed, morose or limited today. sat has a way of throwing cold water and constraints on things. Depression is possible, but it will pass, so try to stay optimistic. There may be delays in mail or letters or phone calls. A negative mental outlook along with an unwillingness to accept the ideas of others is characteristic of this aspect. Don't be worried over a lack of inspiration. It won't last long. People will challenge your ideas.

Tuesday November 3, 2020 17:49 GMT Mercury Stations Direct in Libra.

Friday November 6, 2020 09:11 GMT Mercury Squares Saturn Your thinking may be concentrated, obstructed, morose or limited today. sat has a way of throwing cold water and constraints on things. Depression is possible, but it will pass, so try to stay optimistic. There may be delays in mail or letters or phone calls. A negative mental outlook along with an unwillingness to accept the ideas of others is characteristic of this aspect. Don't be worried over a lack of inspiration. It won't last long. People will challenge your ideas.

Week 2
Monday November 9, 2020 16:08 GMT Venus Opposes Mars You may rub the opposite sex the wrong way today. Little things you do may irritate them and you may come across as being rather boorish and uncouth. Not meaning any deliberate irritation, you may just come across in that manner. Perhaps you are hot and they are cold. Perhaps you are in the mood and they are not. Or vice versa. You and the people around you, especially those close to you, just don't seem to be on the same page. This will pass rather quickly. Being tender rather than aggressive can assuage the antagonisms. Try a little romance instead of brute force. Express your feminine side rather than your masculine side.

Tuesday November 10, 2020 05:11 GMT Sun Trines Neptune Today will be rewarding if you find the time to express yourself by helping others. Find something artistic through which you can channel your creativity and your soul. Art and music as well as spiritual pursuits are favored today. Try to become one with the Universe today. Creative visualization can be an important means through which your goals are realized. Idealism runs high today.

Tuesday November 10, 2020 21:55 GMT Mercury enters Scorpio A pronounced curiosity about taboos and mysteries plays a greater part in your life now. Your mind is on cutting through the nonessentials and penetrating to the core is where your mind is at now; you want to know who (or what) pulls the strings. Sex, taxes, investments, and others of life's most compelling phenomena may captivate your interest more than ever before.

Thursday November 12, 2020 21:38 GMT Jupiter Conjuncts Pluto This is a time to make constructive efforts at spiritual self- improvement. Important changes can take place now through regeneration of your lower nature. You can understand life's deeper secrets if you're willing to expand your mind and keep it open to new ideas. Financial benefits may come through taxes, insurance, or legacy. Watch any tendencies towards religious or philosophical fanaticism.

Saturday November 14, 2020 00:36 GMT Mars Stations Direct in Aries.

Saturday November 14, 2020 19:48 GMT Sun Sextiles Pluto You can make important changes in your life and in yourself today. The force of your will and the perception to see what needs changing combine to give you the ability to do whatever is required. Regeneration is possible in any area of your life. Change that bad habit, eliminate what is unnecessary or outmoded. You have the force with you today. Group activities can be especially rewarding today as you can help make the groups' goals a reality. People in authority are receptive to changes today. Lay that new idea on them.

Week 3
Sunday November 15, 2020 03:57 GMT Sun Sextiles Jupiter Today should be a fortunate day for you. Your confidence and optimism are high. Today is a good day to put plans into action and to participate in group activities. Expand your horizons and pick up something new to learn. It's a good time to grow, to be generous and caring, and to reach out and make others happy. Ask your boss for a raise as those in authority are likely to be receptive today.

Sunday November 15, 2020 05:07 GMT **Scorpio New Moon** Your individuality and personality seem at one today. You feel like you really know and understand yourself and what it is that you want and need to do. Today might be a good day to shine light on your unconscious attitudes and habit patterns with the hope of improving your weak points. Change the areas of your personality that you aren't satisfied with.

Sunday November 15, 2020 19:43 GMT Venus Squares Pluto Strong desires and passions sometimes go along with this aspect. There may be the desire to completely change the partner or to completely transform any current relationship. Jealousy, possessiveness, and the desire to have control over others makes today's influence very difficult. You can't change someone else and you can't run their life, so stop trying or else the resentment they feel toward you will have destructive consequences. Make up your mind not to manipulate people.

Monday November 16, 2020 05:32 GMT Venus Squares Jupiter You will probably overindulge yourself today, with regrets later. This is true both with eating and spending. A distinct laziness may overcome you and you will want to be pampered. Self-discipline is needed in order to avoid trouble now or later. Others may think you are too spoiled. Don't procrastinate.

Tuesday November 17, 2020 08:07 GMT Mercury Opposes Uranus Avoid hasty speech and things said in anger in the heat of the moment. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. There may be sudden changes in travel plans. Be extra cautious while traveling as accidents are possible through carelessness and impatience.

Thursday November 19, 2020 07:17 GMT Sun Sextiles Saturn Self-discipline, organizing ability, and stamina are the order of the day. You are methodical, systematic and can make much progress today simply by rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting to work. People above you are likely to notice your efficient efforts and reward for your hard work will be imminent. Constructive ambition, patience, practical insights, and maturity are the keywords today.

Thursday November 19, 2020 11:28 GMT Venus Squares Saturn You may feel very unloved. You may see people as cold and calculating. People's lack of sympathy may depress you to the bone today. Social, financial, and romantic problems and disappointments characterize this transit. Selfishness and a lack of consideration are probably the reasons. You reap what you sow and now is a good time to analyze yourself and your relationships. There may be difficulties and delays with respect to women in general.

Saturday November 21, 2020 13:21 GMT Venus enters Scorpio This is way beyond love, all the way to obsession - that's the nature of the cycle that now takes hold in your life. We're not talking just lukewarm WANT here; we're talking red-hot GOT TO HAVE! Passion, jealousy, possession: these are the kinds of experiences that can flow from the intensity that courses through you at one level or another now - voracious.

Saturday November 21, 2020 20:39 GMT Sun enters Sagittarius You're now embarking on a trek into a land of dreams - not passive daydreams, but vibrant visions of what may be. The time has come to stop looking at the world as it is and asking why. Now's the time to imagine the world as it could be, and the question has become: "Why not?" You also cannot do everything you imagine now, but you cannot do anything you don't KNOW you can do - so believe, and dare to make it happen! This means expanding your mind, your belief system, your whole base of knowledge and experience. Time's a wastin' - let no grass grow between your toes!

Week 4
Tuesday November 24, 2020 04:39 GMT Mercury Trines Neptune Today is a day for wishing upon a star and imagining that your most heartfelt dreams can and will come true. Idealism is high and you are both inspirational and imaginative. Your visualization powers are effective and strong. Somehow, you just know things today. Trust your intuition. Do some spiritual study. Listen to some inspirational and uplifting music.

Friday November 27, 2020 10:38 GMT Mercury Sextiles Pluto Your powers of perception are very sharp. You can go right to the heart of the matter with the skill of a competent surgeon. You might want to play detective today and ferret out some of nature's secrets. You long for a deeper understanding of things and have the skill today to do so. Share your discoveries with others. Conversations with others may profoundly affect your thinking.

Friday November 27, 2020 17:10 GMT Venus Opposes Uranus Unstable romantic infatuations and impractical or irresponsible attitudes and conduct in relationships should be guarded against. There is a desire to break free from binding partnerships. Impulsive spending may be your idea of breaking free. Be careful during this transit because you are probably not thinking with your head, only your heart, which is your wild side right now. Your behavior now may be so bohemian or bizarre that people turn against you. Settle down and apply self-discipline.

Week 5
Sunday November 29, 2020 00:36 GMT Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces.

Sunday November 29, 2020 02:51 GMT Mercury Sextiles Jupiter Your mental judgment is excellent today. Plans you make are well thought out, broad, and focused on seeing both the details and the larger picture. Travel, both mental and physical should be rewarding today. Take care of all legal issues and contracts as the force is with you today. Make long range plans now.

Monday November 30, 2020 09:29 GMT **Gemini Lunar Eclipse** You must balance your emotions with your individuality. You may have difficulties today dealing with the opposite sex, authority figures or family members. Ego confrontations over emotional issues are likely to be the cause. Vitality may be low today, so keep stress to a minimum. Try to understand others' points of view before expressing your own. Get in touch with your true feelings. Emotional impulses may interfere with objective and good judgment.

Monday November 30, 2020 19:00 GMT Mercury Sextiles Saturn You have a keen eye for detail and a practical turn of mind today. Your thinking is deep, practical, organized, and deliberate. You are aware of every flaw in thought and material and your work today will be towards precision. Concentration is sharp and focused. Plans made today are well thought out and, because of this, will probably succeed.