Monthly Transits Horoscopes

June 2018

Week 1
Friday June 1, 2018 14:13 GMT Mercury Trines Mars You are sharp and alert today and your head is buzzing with fresh plans and ideas. Put your plans into action today as energy is high. Communications go smoothly as others are understanding you and are receptive to your thoughts. It's a great day to get some exercise and to run errands.

Friday June 1, 2018 14:28 GMT Venus Trines Jupiter Peace and harmony should be yours today. People love you and you love them. You will go out of your way to help others today because you are full of friendliness and you want to see others happy. Financial transactions go smoothly today and you seem to attract money or material possessions. Relationships are warm and there is love in the air.

Saturday June 2, 2018 08:25 GMT Venus Trines Neptune You will be sensitive to the feelings of others today. You have the desire to express your love for others through helping them in any way you can. Your intuition and imagination are strong today and you can use these to create works of beauty and art. Subconscious insights can be gained if you listen to your inner voice. You have great sympathy, compassion and psychological understanding of women, family members, and those in need.

Week 2
Wednesday June 6, 2018 02:01 GMT Sun Conjuncts Mercury You may feel like expressing yourself today through your thoughts and words. You feel a need to be heard, that you have something of importance to say. Say what is on your mind, but give equal time to others and listen to them. You might learn something new. Your thinking today should be sharp and focused.

Wednesday June 6, 2018 02:25 GMT Venus Opposes Pluto Strong desires and passions sometimes go along with this aspect. There may be the desire to completely change the partner or to completely transform any current relationship. Jealousy, possessiveness, and the desire to have control over others makes today's influence very difficult. You can't change someone else and you can't run their life, so stop trying or else the resentment they feel toward you will have destructive consequences. Make up your mind not to manipulate people.

Wednesday June 6, 2018 14:07 GMT Mercury Squares Neptune Confusion is likely today in your relationships with other people. Take care and read all the fine print. Stay away from taking permanent legal actions as your thinking is colored by who knows what. You may be suckered into something you don't want to do or don't believe in, so watch your step. Misunderstandings in communicating with others is possible. Remember, they may not be hearing what you are trying to say. Nervous anxiety and tension may make you feel listless today. Don't let your imagination carry you away.

Thursday June 7, 2018 05:58 GMT Sun Squares Neptune Confusion, uncertainty, and delusions of grandeur characterize this transit. Be alert for deception. Avoid becoming the martyr today just because your self-confidence may be low. Don't buy into every sob story that comes your way and don't play the 'poor, poor pitiful me' game. Be careful with contracts. In general, be prepared for any kind of possible misunderstanding.

Week 3
Tuesday June 12, 2018 19:59 GMT Mercury enters Cancer Gut-level is the way you think, speak, and perceive in the cycle you have just begun. You aren't interested in the superficial; instead, you want to get right to the root of things. You don't care about the universal, only about how things impact you and yours. Intellect and emotion mix to the point of inseparability.

Wednesday June 13, 2018 11:41 GMT Mercury Sextiles Uranus Your thinking today is ingenious, original, clever, sharp, and magnetic. Electricity is in your head and probably the rest of your body. You are full of nervous energy, but it is the type that can help you accomplish more. New and exciting opportunities may come about today through travel, conversations with others, or through new reading material. Go exploring.

Wednesday June 13, 2018 19:43 GMT **Gemini New Moon** Your individuality and personality seem at one today. You feel like you really know and understand yourself and what it is that you want and need to do. Today might be a good day to shine light on your unconscious attitudes and habit patterns with the hope of improving your weak points. Change the areas of your personality that you aren't satisfied with.

Wednesday June 13, 2018 21:54 GMT Venus enters Leo Romance becomes an end in itself as a new cycle begins for you. It marks a time when love, creativity, and self-expression satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired - needed, even. A flashy, flirty, stylish splash of color and warmth.

Friday June 15, 2018 03:32 GMT Venus Squares Uranus Unstable romantic infatuations and impractical or irresponsible attitudes and conduct in relationships should be guarded against. There is a desire to break free from binding partnerships. Impulsive spending may be your idea of breaking free. Be careful during this transit because you are probably not thinking with your head, only your heart, which is your wild side right now. Your behavior now may be so bohemian or bizarre that people turn against you. Settle down and apply self-discipline.

Saturday June 16, 2018 01:47 GMT Mercury Opposes Saturn Your thinking may be concentrated, obstructed, morose or limited today. sat has a way of throwing cold water and constraints on things. Depression is possible, but it will pass, so try to stay optimistic. There may be delays in mail or letters or phone calls. A negative mental outlook along with an unwillingness to accept the ideas of others is characteristic of this aspect. Don't be worried over a lack of inspiration. It won't last long. People will challenge your ideas.

Week 4
Monday June 18, 2018 23:27 GMT Neptune Retrograde in Pisces.

Tuesday June 19, 2018 19:42 GMT Mercury Trines Jupiter Your mental judgment is excellent today. Plans you make are well thought out, broad, and focused on seeing both the details and the larger picture. Travel, both mental and physical should be rewarding today. Take care of all legal issues and contracts as the force is with you today. Make long range plans now.

Thursday June 21, 2018 03:58 GMT Mercury Trines Neptune Today is a day for wishing upon a star and imagining that your most heartfelt dreams can and will come true. Idealism is high and you are both inspirational and imaginative. Your visualization powers are effective and strong. Somehow, you just know things today. Trust your intuition. Do some spiritual study. Listen to some inspirational and uplifting music.

Thursday June 21, 2018 10:07 GMT Sun enters Cancer ~ Summer Solstice Being more in touch with your emotional roots is a keynote of the cycle that now takes hold in your life. This has to do with feelings, but it's more than that: it's about making the things you feel and care about a reality. At some levels, this means a greater focus on family life - parents, children, relatives, the whole domestic scene. On a somewhat broader scale, you're likely to find that houses and other real property take on greater significance for you. Nurturing is where it's at in your life now: making things grow and taking care of them, planting seeds that will develop and survive far into the future - that's what it's all about.

Thursday June 21, 2018 16:54 GMT Venus Opposes Mars You may rub the opposite sex the wrong way today. Little things you do may irritate them and you may come across as being rather boorish and uncouth. Not meaning any deliberate irritation, you may just come across in that manner. Perhaps you are hot and they are cold. Perhaps you are in the mood and they are not. Or vice versa. You and the people around you, especially those close to you, just don't seem to be on the same page. This will pass rather quickly. Being tender rather than aggressive can assuage the antagonisms. Try a little romance instead of brute force. Express your feminine side rather than your masculine side.

Saturday June 23, 2018 05:58 GMT Sun Sextiles Uranus Today is a good day to pour your creativity and self-expression into coming up with new ways of doing things. Positive surprises are likely today as your aura is ready for the new and unusual. By going off the beaten pathway, you may open up many possibilities for further spiritual and personal growth. You feel free today from all restrictions and you want to fly like the eagle, unbounded by any restraints. Soar high and don't limit yourself.

Saturday June 23, 2018 09:26 GMT Mercury Opposes Pluto You may experience verbal boxing matches today along with a test of wills. Propaganda may be spread that just isn't true. Don't bully people into seeing the rightness of your cause. Be tolerant of others' viewpoints. Remember, you're not always right.

Week 5
Monday June 25, 2018 17:19 GMT Venus Squares Jupiter You will probably overindulge yourself today, with regrets later. This is true both with eating and spending. A distinct laziness may overcome you and you will want to be pampered. Self-discipline is needed in order to avoid trouble now or later. Others may think you are too spoiled. Don't procrastinate.

Tuesday June 26, 2018 21:04 GMT Mars Retrograde in Aquarius.

Wednesday June 27, 2018 13:28 GMT Sun Opposes Saturn You may become involved in conflicts between your need for self- expression and your duties to others. The key is to find a balance. You may tend to be selfish today and many problems can be alleviated by thinking of others first. A feeling of loneliness may come upon you today, but it's probably just that, a feeling. It's not the true state of things. Do your duty, meet your obligations, then you have every right to start thinking of yourself.

Thursday June 28, 2018 04:53 GMT **Capricorn Full Moon** You must balance your emotions with your individuality. You may have difficulties today dealing with the opposite sex, authority figures or family members. Ego confrontations over emotional issues are likely to be the cause. Vitality may be low today, so keep stress to a minimum. Try to understand others' points of view before expressing your own. Get in touch with your true feelings. Emotional impulses may interfere with objective and good judgment.

Friday June 29, 2018 05:16 GMT Mercury enters Leo The hallmark of the cycle you have just begun is thinking, learning and communicating with style. Intellectual creativity is highlighted, and your social connections have a certain flair of drama to them. Winning the admiration of others for the things you say or write (and the way you do it) takes on more importance in your life.

Saturday June 30, 2018 13:01 GMT Mercury Squares Uranus Avoid hasty speech and things said in anger in the heat of the moment. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. There may be sudden changes in travel plans. Be extra cautious while traveling as accidents are possible through carelessness and impatience.