Monthly Transits Horoscopes

May 2021

Week 1
Sunday May 2, 2021 09:19 GMT Mercury Trines Pluto Your powers of perception are very sharp. You can go right to the heart of the matter with the skill of a competent surgeon. You might want to play detective today and ferret out some of nature's secrets. You long for a deeper understanding of things and have the skill today to do so. Share your discoveries with others. Conversations with others may profoundly affect your thinking.

Sunday May 2, 2021 22:38 GMT Venus Sextiles Neptune You will be sensitive to the feelings of others today. You have the desire to express your love for others through helping them in any way you can. Your intuition and imagination are strong today and you can use these to create works of beauty and art. Subconscious insights can be gained if you listen to your inner voice. You have great sympathy, compassion and psychological understanding of women, family members, and those in need.

Monday May 3, 2021 09:33 GMT Mercury Squares Jupiter Your judgment may not be perfect today. You may tend to exaggerate and promise more than you can deliver. You may likely bite off more than you can chew. Mental arrogance is possible. Be tolerant of others' viewpoints. Be careful with contracts and other legal issues. You may appear closed-minded, smug or self-righteous to others.

Monday May 3, 2021 10:01 GMT Sun Squares Saturn You may become involved in conflicts between your need for self- expression and your duties to others. The key is to find a balance. You may tend to be selfish today and many problems can be alleviated by thinking of others first. A feeling of loneliness may come upon you today, but it's probably just that, a feeling. It's not the true state of things. Do your duty, meet your obligations, then you have every right to start thinking of yourself.

Tuesday May 4, 2021 02:49 GMT Mercury enters Gemini A walking encyclopedia, a yen to know a little bit about everything (and everyone): these are the icons of the cycle you have just begun. Talking, writing, keeping a finger on the pulse of all that's happening ... this is a time of study and learning, a cycle of mental challenge, curiosity, and social/intellectual growth. Such things are an end in themselves rather than a means to any other end.

Thursday May 6, 2021 11:24 GMT Venus Trines Pluto Your emotions are deep and powerful. As they say, still waters run deep. Today might be a good day to redecorate or make other changes to your home with the hope of bringing greater beauty and harmony into your life. It's a good time to find new uses for old or discarded items which no longer serve your purposes. Emotional self- regeneration is possible with these energies.

Saturday May 8, 2021 13:38 GMT Venus Squares Jupiter You will probably overindulge yourself today, with regrets later. This is true both with eating and spending. A distinct laziness may overcome you and you will want to be pampered. Self-discipline is needed in order to avoid trouble now or later. Others may think you are too spoiled. Don't procrastinate.

Week 2
Sunday May 9, 2021 02:01 GMT Venus enters Gemini Saying (or writing) it with style comes natural now. A yen for variety is a hallmark of this phase, and this especially applies to romantic experience and artistic tastes. (The latter tends to focus on literature in general and poetry in particular.) A sociable, congenial, slightly frivolous orientation sets in.

Tuesday May 11, 2021 18:59 GMT **Taurus New Moon** Your individuality and personality seem at one today. You feel like you really know and understand yourself and what it is that you want and need to do. Today might be a good day to shine light on your unconscious attitudes and habit patterns with the hope of improving your weak points. Change the areas of your personality that you aren't satisfied with.

Wednesday May 12, 2021 02:47 GMT Mars Sextiles Uranus You are inventive, ingenious, and original today, both in thought and deed. This is a good day to work on mechanical things. Do that repair work on your car or around your house. Think of new ways to be productive. Don't let seeming restrictions keep you from getting things done. The force of your energy will allow you to hurdle any roadblocks without making trouble. Use the restlessness and nervous energy you may feel today in a positive way. Break out of a rut.

Wednesday May 12, 2021 18:33 GMT Mercury Trines Saturn You have a keen eye for detail and a practical turn of mind today. Your thinking is deep, practical, organized, and deliberate. You are aware of every flaw in thought and material and your work today will be towards precision. Concentration is sharp and focused. Plans made today are well thought out and, because of this, will probably succeed.

Thursday May 13, 2021 05:45 GMT Sun Sextiles Neptune Today will be rewarding if you find the time to express yourself by helping others. Find something artistic through which you can channel your creativity and your soul. Art and music as well as spiritual pursuits are favored today. Try to become one with the Universe today. Creative visualization can be an important means through which your goals are realized. Idealism runs high today.

Thursday May 13, 2021 22:35 GMT Jupiter enters Pisces Mysticism, sensitivity to the needs of others, and an awareness of karma (the link between the present and the past): these are your paths to spiritual growth now. Addressing these issues brings you gain and satisfaction at many levels. A tolerance for differences, an understanding of human frailties and shortcomings.

Week 3
Monday May 17, 2021 09:48 GMT Sun Trines Pluto You can make important changes in your life and in yourself today. The force of your will and the perception to see what needs changing combine to give you the ability to do whatever is required. Regeneration is possible in any area of your life. Change that bad habit, eliminate what is unnecessary or outmoded. You have the force with you today. Group activities can be especially rewarding today as you can help make the groups' goals a reality. People in authority are receptive to changes today. Lay that new idea on them.

Thursday May 20, 2021 01:58 GMT Venus Trines Saturn You may develop ideas for organizing business, financial, or personal affairs under this transit. You will feel reserved, controlled, and disciplined in any endeavor relating to relationship, beauty, art or music. This is a good time to start a new partnership, perhaps with someone older. Public relations and legal work should go smoothly.

Thursday May 20, 2021 19:37 GMT Sun enters Gemini The cycle which begins for you now will be marked by a more intense focus on mental and communicative activity than you may ever have experienced before. It's a time of more involvement with other people, a time for gathering information, and a time when you're apt to be more on the go than ever. There is likely to be an emphasis on reading, writing, studying, and all forms of exchanging information with others in the years ahead - and it will all serve as a path for self-discovery and personal development.

Friday May 21, 2021 15:03 GMT Sun Squares Jupiter Today will be one of optimism and self-confidence. Your only danger is in becoming over-confident. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Watch the tendency towards self-aggrandizement, false pride, and over- indulgence in food and drink. Don't overspend, as you are likely to feel extravagant today.

Week 4
Sunday May 23, 2021 02:43 GMT Mercury Squares Neptune Confusion is likely today in your relationships with other people. Take care and read all the fine print. Stay away from taking permanent legal actions as your thinking is colored by who knows what. You may be suckered into something you don't want to do or don't believe in, so watch your step. Misunderstandings in communicating with others is possible. Remember, they may not be hearing what you are trying to say. Nervous anxiety and tension may make you feel listless today. Don't let your imagination carry you away.

Sunday May 23, 2021 09:19 GMT Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.

Wednesday May 26, 2021 11:14 GMT **Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse** You must balance your emotions with your individuality. You may have difficulties today dealing with the opposite sex, authority figures or family members. Ego confrontations over emotional issues are likely to be the cause. Vitality may be low today, so keep stress to a minimum. Try to understand others' points of view before expressing your own. Get in touch with your true feelings. Emotional impulses may interfere with objective and good judgment.

Thursday May 27, 2021 19:24 GMT Venus Squares Neptune You may be deluding yourself today especially where relationships are concerned. You are probably thinking with your heart rather than with your head and this can lead to all sorts of trouble. You may be too willing to sacrifice too much for your loved one. Things are not as they appear regarding affairs of the heart and you would do well to keep your feet on the ground. Avoid wishful thinking and unrealistic fantasies. Stop playing the martyr.

Saturday May 29, 2021 05:13 GMT Mercury Conjuncts Venus Your appreciation of beauty, art, music and poetry will be stimulated today. Pleasant conversation and harmony are the order of the day. Express your feelings to those close to you. Light mental pursuits bring enjoyment and happiness. Short trips go smoothly.

Saturday May 29, 2021 22:34 GMT Mercury Retrograde in Gemini The next three weeks may well mark a lot of ebbs and swirls in the social fabric you move in, with associates backing and filling and sometimes seeming less than reliable. No blame here, just a general reshuffling until everyone feels comfortable with their positions, including yourself. Try to work on removing obstacles to the flow and diplomatically shift your schedule according to who better fits your evolving agenda. Toward the end, you may have to call into question some aspects of your financial underpinnings in order to effectively make contact and cause others' goals to come into step with your own.

Week 5
Monday May 31, 2021 05:15 GMT Mars Trines Neptune Today is a good day to be involved with spiritual activities. You are imaginative, intuitive, psychic, and visual today. Focus on your inner self and try to commune with the Higher part of your being. Get involved with serving others or doing some work for charity. Much soul growth can come your way today by helping others.