Monthly Transits Horoscopes

April 2019

Week 1
Tuesday April 2, 2019 09:36 GMT Mercury Conjuncts Neptune Your imagination is working overtime today. You may be interested in spiritual subjects or art and music today. Your thinking will tend to be idealistic, not necessarily realistic. Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Don't let anyone pull the wool over your eyes and stop daydreaming if there is work to be done.

Friday April 5, 2019 08:50 GMT **Aries New Moon** Your individuality and personality seem at one today. You feel like you really know and understand yourself and what it is that you want and need to do. Today might be a good day to shine light on your unconscious attitudes and habit patterns with the hope of improving your weak points. Change the areas of your personality that you aren't satisfied with.

Week 2
Sunday April 7, 2019 09:17 GMT Mercury Sextiles Saturn You have a keen eye for detail and a practical turn of mind today. Your thinking is deep, practical, organized, and deliberate. You are aware of every flaw in thought and material and your work today will be towards precision. Concentration is sharp and focused. Plans made today are well thought out and, because of this, will probably succeed.

Wednesday April 10, 2019 06:13 GMT Venus Conjuncts Neptune Your romantic idealism might be activated today. You are feeling particularly idealistic now and you need to keep your feet on the ground. You are feeling very unselfish, but don't let others take advantage of you. Sometimes you need to say no. Don't let daydreams and fantasies cloud your perceptions and decisions. Don't place all your trust now in any one person or thing. Stay alert. Combine art and music with your imagination and let that be an escape from everyday cares.

Wednesday April 10, 2019 08:47 GMT Sun Squares Saturn You may become involved in conflicts between your need for self- expression and your duties to others. The key is to find a balance. You may tend to be selfish today and many problems can be alleviated by thinking of others first. A feeling of loneliness may come upon you today, but it's probably just that, a feeling. It's not the true state of things. Do your duty, meet your obligations, then you have every right to start thinking of yourself.

Wednesday April 10, 2019 17:01 GMT Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius.

Wednesday April 10, 2019 21:45 GMT Mercury Sextiles Pluto Your powers of perception are very sharp. You can go right to the heart of the matter with the skill of a competent surgeon. You might want to play detective today and ferret out some of nature's secrets. You long for a deeper understanding of things and have the skill today to do so. Share your discoveries with others. Conversations with others may profoundly affect your thinking.

Friday April 12, 2019 04:18 GMT Mercury Squares Jupiter Your judgment may not be perfect today. You may tend to exaggerate and promise more than you can deliver. You may likely bite off more than you can chew. Mental arrogance is possible. Be tolerant of others' viewpoints. Be careful with contracts and other legal issues. You may appear closed-minded, smug or self-righteous to others.

Friday April 12, 2019 15:08 GMT Venus Sextiles Saturn You may develop ideas for organizing business, financial, or personal affairs under this transit. You will feel reserved, controlled, and disciplined in any endeavor relating to relationship, beauty, art or music. This is a good time to start a new partnership, perhaps with someone older. Public relations and legal work should go smoothly.

Saturday April 13, 2019 08:07 GMT Sun Squares Pluto Power struggles may be likely today. You may encounter others who try to force their will on you or others who resent feeling as if you are forcing your ego on them. Try to compromise and find a balance. Transformation can come about if you are open to change and if you can keep your ego from becoming all-encompassing. Today may be an intense day. Control your arrogance and your domineering attitudes. Be reasonable.

Week 3
Sunday April 14, 2019 13:40 GMT Sun Trines Jupiter Today should be a fortunate day for you. Your confidence and optimism are high. Today is a good day to put plans into action and to participate in group activities. Expand your horizons and pick up something new to learn. It's a good time to grow, to be generous and caring, and to reach out and make others happy. Ask your boss for a raise as those in authority are likely to be receptive today.

Sunday April 14, 2019 23:51 GMT Venus Sextiles Pluto Your emotions are deep and powerful. As they say, still waters run deep. Today might be a good day to redecorate or make other changes to your home with the hope of bringing greater beauty and harmony into your life. It's a good time to find new uses for old or discarded items which no longer serve your purposes. Emotional self- regeneration is possible with these energies.

Monday April 15, 2019 23:14 GMT Venus Squares Jupiter You will probably overindulge yourself today, with regrets later. This is true both with eating and spending. A distinct laziness may overcome you and you will want to be pampered. Self-discipline is needed in order to avoid trouble now or later. Others may think you are too spoiled. Don't procrastinate.

Wednesday April 17, 2019 06:00 GMT Mercury enters Aries New ideas and an independent or pioneering mental orientation take on more importance in your life at this time. Teaching, learning, communicating, and social contact have a way of outlining new directions in your life now, and there is much activity and involvement with these kinds of issues.

Friday April 19, 2019 11:12 GMT **Libra Full Moon** You must balance your emotions with your individuality. You may have difficulties today dealing with the opposite sex, authority figures or family members. Ego confrontations over emotional issues are likely to be the cause. Vitality may be low today, so keep stress to a minimum. Try to understand others' points of view before expressing your own. Get in touch with your true feelings. Emotional impulses may interfere with objective and good judgment.

Saturday April 20, 2019 08:55 GMT Sun enters Taurus The cycle now dawning in your life emphasizes stability, substance, practicality, and the concept of value - value in the material as well as psychospiritual sense. This marks a time of building to last, of appreciating the substantial rather than ephemeral. Consolidating past gains rather than focusing on radical new departures is likely to be a major theme for you during this cycle. Appreciating the finer things of life is another hallmark of this phase, which marks a time when you should be concentrating on "smelling the roses" rather than passing them by in such a hurry.

Saturday April 20, 2019 16:10 GMT Venus enters Aries Romance at the drop of a hat is part and parcel of the cycle you have just begun. Winning the hearts of others can be a challenge you're eager to accept - and the thrill of the chase might be most of the fun. Is it the pursuit of happiness - or the happiness of pursuit?

Week 4
Monday April 22, 2019 23:07 GMT Sun Conjuncts Uranus You may feel like a rebel or an oddball today. This transit can sometimes bring strange behavior. Now is not the time to make serious, long-lasting decisions. Wait a while, then reconsider. There is a desire to break out of your rut and do something really weird or different. Stay in control. Watch your impulsiveness and look for surprises.

Wednesday April 24, 2019 18:48 GMT Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.

Saturday April 27, 2019 13:03 GMT Mars Squares Neptune You may feel self-doubt and inadequacy today. You are probably extra sensitive today, so don't take offense where none is meant. If you are taking medication, remember that less is more because of your heightened sensitivity. Watch that people don't take advantage of you with a sob story or some deal that sounds too good to be true. Stay alert to people not telling you the whole story behind something. Take care of your physical self as your immune system might not be as strong today as usual.

Week 5
Tuesday April 30, 2019 00:54 GMT Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn.