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Lunar Astrology and Moon Information


Find Target Directories
Resource for Astrology focusing on the Moon

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Let this search engine track down other Moon resources

Data Services - Great Moon Phase Information

Eclipses Courtesy of NASA

Moon Phase Calendar by Paul Carlisle

Your Moon Phase
Discover your Moon Phase and gift items that correspond to your phase.


Astrology, Lunar and Zodiac Art


Angel Art of Jessica Galbreth
The beautiful art by Jessica is whimsical and spellbinding. This site is a must visit if you love whimsey and fantasy.

Gemstone & Crystal Designs, formerly Moonbeemz Designs
Beautifully handcrafted jewelery


Astrology, Lunar and Metaphysical Directories and Ezines



Access NewAge
Directory of New Age and Spiritual

Meta Religion
A variety of articles.

Blogs » Astrology Around The Web
The blog of astrology blogs. A diverse and constantly updating source of astrology-themed content, Astrodispatch is edited by Elsa P, astrologer.

Silverwheel Astrology
Monthly Astrology updates. Great Reports.

Astrological Counsel and Astro-Type Style
Healing with Psychological and Personality Astrology.


Astrology Horoscopes and Information


Abacus Free Astrology Services
- The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes!

Astrology Online
Daily Horoscopes

Thought Co. Astrology formerly About.Com hosted by Molly Hall
A Guide to Quality Astrology Sites

Astroscoped Horoscopes
Find a plethora of free astrology, tarot and numerology sites on the Astroscoped Connections.

AstroSense Astrology
Monthly Astrological Trends giving transit interpretations and an understanding of the current Sun Sign. Also, a handy Gift Guide, Daily Horoscopes, Basic information and Professional Consultation.

AstroStar Astrology and More
Astrology and Metaphysical articles and resources, books, twin souls and astrology message and chat boards, horoscopes, reports, and more. Guaranteed to have something you haven't seen before.

Horoscopes 4 U
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscopes

Mystic Mae
Your star signs updated monthly from Ireland

Astrologer Neil Ormsby
Your Online Daily Horoscope & Tarot by Neil Ormsby. Sun & Moon Signs and the position of the Planets in the Zodiac Signs.

Paul Wade Astrology Wizard A fun astrology site

Signs of Intelligence
Astrological Roadmaps for Life from BethMG


Astrology Love Signs and Compatibility Resources


LoveTest - Love, Compatibility and Relationship Advice

Love Horoscope Compatibility Report


Spiritual Resources beyond Astrology    -top-

Dreaming in Color
The Dreaming in Color Tarot Deck is the most beautiful and artistic deck of dreamscape imagery you will ever experience -- designed specifically to teach you how to advance your own psychic powers.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle
A Place for Healing And Inspiration

Crystalinks - Metaphysical & Science
Tons of Resource Information of Various Types

Mandarin Duck Feng Shui Products
Dedicated to Feng Shui mandarin ducks and how they can solve love and relationship troubles. Includes basic Feng Shui tips.
Ready for a breakthrough? Free ebook: "Inner Medicine" contains new character improvement discoveries and some powerful exercises. Also innovations in Sacred Geometry and a range of interesting articles.


Astrology and Metaphysical Book Resource


The Art and Astrology of Maria Kay Simms
"Moon Tides, Soul Passages" is Maria's latest book and software combination. The book explains all about your astrological Moon and how her signs and phases reveal a seasonal flow in your life. Reach new depths of insight into of your past and present, and learn how you can create your future. Astrology combined with Goddess mythology, art, poetry, meditation and ritual evoke intuitive understanding.

Astrology Et Al. Books
A wide variety of books, gifts, out-of-print & republished books.
This is a wonderful resource for all astrology students.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine
Our Favorite Astrology Magazine; excellent articles, timely topics and outstanding resources.


Other Resources and Connections


Astrology Database Ephemerides
Directory, links and article resources.

University Centre for Astrological Research
Thought-provoking astrological articles.

UFOSeek - The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine


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