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September 26, 2016 Mon UTC
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Summer 2016 Astrology Summary

Apologies to everyone. The website's server kept experiencing mini-crashes until it full out collapsed over the July 4th weekend. I have been advised that everything is back up and corrected. I kept losing materials that I had posted during that time due to the backups pulling up older information. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they have it fixed now.

June and July
Summer started shortly after a full moon on the cusp of the Solstice. (It is winter in the southern hemisphere.)
Mars stations direct motion in Scorpio on June 29. The recovery period after the station is referred to as a "shadow" transit until August 21. Be wary of the first few days after August 21, as sometimes Mars can pull some dirty tricks on us when it emerges from the shadows.
The new moon in Cancer on July 4th is a very confusing transit as there is a very unbalanced chart to contend with.
The Sun's square to Uranus is likely to start up a series of mistakes and accidents. Be cautious between July 15 - 20.
There's also a romantic period coming our way between July 17 - 22 as Mercury, Venus and the Sun trigger Leo events.
The full moon in Capricorn on July 19 can open opportunities for us if we have done our homework.
On July 29, Uranus will station retrograde in Aries, heading back towards a square with Pluto during the Winter Solstice. For now, the pressures should be off, although it is still bubbling with respect to authorities, rules and revolts.

August 2, the Leo new moon might have a few little surprises for us.
Throughout the month of August, we can expect to feel more romantically inclined and we are likely to take more risks in various areas of our lives.
Around August 6, we are likely to experience an increased desire to push through the lull as Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are aspected by Venus and Mercury in Virgo.
Saturn will Station direct motion on August 13, helping us to get back on track and finish up some projects that we put on the back burner for the past few months.
On August 18, we will experience the full moon. This one will be in Aquarius. This will spur our desires to network and reach out to friends to help us.
The aspects for the last half of August, leading into the first of September, are varied and have the potential for causing us to feel uneasy.

August 30, Mercury will station for a retrograde motion in the sign of Virgo that will last until September 22.
September 1 will be the Virgo Solar Eclipse. There will be a whole lot of VIRGO happening with a very influential T-square aspect that has the potential to shake up current events. The Eclipse will initiate over the Atlantic Ocean, become Annular over the central Africa Continent and over Madagascar and finalize over the Indian Ocean. The Eclipse belongs to the Saros Series, 135.
The fall-out from the eclipse is likely to be felt through the month of September. Thankfully, the aspects immediately after the eclipse are fairly low-key.
Jupiter will ingress Libra on September 9.
The subsequent Lunar Eclipse is September 16 in Pisces. There is a potential for some action as the eclipse will t-square to Mars in Sagittarius while there will also be a Wedge formed from Venus and Uranus to Mars. We may be forced into action, regardless of our position on the matter.
After the Lunar Eclipse, there is likely to be a spike in romance between September 18 and 22. Funny how that happens.

Mercury stations direct on September 22 and the Autumnal Equinox will begin.

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The Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses happen in pairs or trios, or on a very rare occasion, as a quartet. In any given 350(ish) day period, there will be two sets of eclipses that belong in an "eclipse family" also known as a nodal family. Learn more about eclipses and when the next set of eclipses will occur in the Lunar and Solar Eclipses piece.

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