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Help! I don't know my Moon Sign!                                                                             How can Moon Signs help me?

How Lunar Astrology Helps

In general, Astrology not only gives us insight about ourselves, but also how we relate with others. Many people rely only on the Zodiac's Sun Signs to determine their astrological compatibility. However, that is only the top surface of the overall relationship. The Sun Signs mostly represent your personality. Your emotional and instinctual needs in relationships are represented by the Moon's placement in your chart. To get a different perspective of your compatibility desires based on your emotional needs, we must include the interaction of the Moon Signs between two individuals. The first problem here is that finding our Moon Sign is not as easy as finding our Sun Sign.

You may need to check your natal chart to find out what sign of the zodiac your Moon is placed. But this is an important step to discovering more about yourself and others. In astrology, the Moon rules over your emotions and deep-rooted feelings. Particularly, the Moon Sign can tell us how we instinctively react within relationships. Some Moon Signs will blend together better than others.

Self knowledge can be the most beneficial power we can gain within a relationship and over our own lives. Understanding our own needs and desires is where we find the true value of astrology. The next step is to understand how our own needs will harmonize with the needs of another.

Actually, you can use Moon Match to gauge almost any relationship if you want to move beyond the romance realm and into day-to-day relationships. Enter your dad, your mom, your best friend, or anyone you interact with on a regular basis.

In response to the never-ending debate of fate versus choice, most astrologers are fond of quoting the ancient Greek adage, "astra inclinant, non necessitant" (the stars always incline, they never determine). So understanding yourself when making your life's choices, in addition to understanding your partner at an emotional level, is a key to a successful and joyful relationship, no matter what Moon Signs the two of you happen to have.

To learn more about compatibility and astrology charts, Lunar Living has an article for beginning astrology students on synastry and composite charts.

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