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Q. Hello I see the next new moon is May 28, 2014. This is a void of course day and I was told never to start any rituals on that day. Can I start a new moon ritual on May 29, 2014 and it hold powerful effects I need to manifest?
A. The void of course does not last the entire day of May 28. In fact, at the point of the New Moon, that forms an aspect to the moon which would undo a void of course. You can go to this page to find out when the void of course will end on that day for your time zone. You can arrange to perform your ritual on the 28th of May will be appropriate at any point after the Moon enters the sign of Gemini until the next point of void of course on May 29th.
asked: 05-18-14 answered: 05-19-14
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Q. hi - my moon is in capricorn so with this capricorn full moon - what are the personal implications?
A. I love this question! Every month, you have a "lunar return" to your moon's placement (everyone, not just you) and this amplifies your emotional needs based on your Moon sign. The Full Moon Lunar Return means that the transiting Sun is opposing your natal Moon sign, requiring more balance and interpersonal activity. Others, particularly family members, are likely to seek your attention more. Women will expect more from you (Sun in Cancer factor). This is a time to watch your health and your diet during a Full Moon conjunction to your natal Moon and remember to find a way to balance your own needs with the needs of others.
Lunar returns (in general) occur 13 times per year and each exact chart can give you a sense of where your focus should be for each month (28 days) until the next Lunar Return.
asked: 07-04-12 answered: 07-05-12
4.5 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4.5 from 3 votes.

Q. what is the best time to take an exam/test. Thanks
A. Look for the dates when the Moon is in Gemini or Sagittarius and better if there are aspects between Mercury and Moon. For time of day; look for the hours of the Moon or Mercury using electional astrology.
asked: 02-02-12 answered: 02-04-12
4.5 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4.5 from 5 votes.

Q. Stupid question probably, but can you help me find an astrological calendar website? I want to know when the moon enters which zodiac throughout the year. Not weekly, not monthly, yearly. Thank you.
A. I know that there are a lot of sites with annual moon sign ingress information (when the moon moves into a sign). Good keywords for searching are moon void of course. When the moon ends the state of void, it is entering the next zodiac sign. There are several versions of Moon ingress calendars at our sister site Moon Tracks Calendars. If you want a full year of ingress information, check out the calendars listed under the Ephemerides portion of the menu, they might be just what you are looking for. The calendars are in PDF format and can be saved on your computer for easy reference. I try to keep at least a year or two in advance on the calendars, so 2012 is already there and 2013 will be soon enough. Check out the other calendar formats there to see if any of them help in other ways. Thanks!
asked: 09-13-11 answered: 09-13-11
4 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4 from 4 votes.

Q. I just noticed that the Uranus/Jupiter ~ Saturn opposition will be right on my bf's natal Venus ~ Mars opposition (Saturn w/Mars in 1st) as soon as the cross becomes cardinal real soon here.. I'm an intermediate astro-geek but that's way over my head to even speculate the effect! Point me in the general direction? Any help like some key words other than potent (got that one no doubt) would be extremely appreciated!? Thanks, Asraiya
A. Some Keyphrases to help you with the interpretations - Shocking events (could be positive or negative) in a big way, possibly involving maturity, authority or obligations, particuarly as they relate to men and women, requiring the need to balance the interactions with the two genders. Hoping that helps
asked: 06-23-10 answered: 06-26-10
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Q. Hi:) I'm sorry to be asking two questions,but I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for anywhere. I have a stellium in scorpio would that make the chart ruler pluto then? Or would it still be mercury?(I have gemini rising). Thank you for you help. I think that everyone should be appreciative of people like you. :)
A. No problem with two questions. Stelliums do not create a chart ruler. Stelliums do concentrate energies of the planets within the sign with the blending effect of three or more planets. Thanks!
asked: 06-22-10 answered: 06-26-10
4.5 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4.5 from 5 votes.

Q. I think I have a yod or a boomerang in my chart,but I'm not sure. It would be nice to know if I did so I could understand it better.:)my asc is sextile chiron and mercury quincunx both asc and chiron plus I have mercury opposite jupiter right down the middle of the two. What do you think? My birthdate is 11/15/1976 my time is 6:**pm and place is CA
A. I've modified your info to keep it more confidential. You are making the common mistake of using points of reference, i.e. cusps, nodes, part of fortune, etc in creating planetary configurations. If you take those "points" out of the chart and rely only on the planets, plus luminaries (Moon and Sun), the influence should be unmistakable.
asked: 06-22-10 answered: 06-26-10
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Q. I don't have a question, I just want to say thanks so much for your fantastic site. It has been one of my favourites for a couple of years now. I have used your calenders to help find the best days for haircuts, planning great family gatherings, cooking, gardening all sorts of things and it has been so helpful. I think it really has improved my life, thanks again. P
A. Thanks! As you know by now, many of the calendars and charts have moved to our Moontracks Calendar website at
asked: 05-28-10 answered: 05-30-10
5 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 5 from 4 votes.

Q. What is/are the best moon sign(s) in which to advertise for the sale of real estate?
A. Check out for articles involving specific activities.
asked: 05-02-10 answered: 05-17-10
4.5 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4.5 from 3 votes.

Q. Hello, I noticed that the 'Purchase Appliances' activity is 'No Dates for this Month' for 3 months in a row now. Why is it taking so long? Thank you!
A. There are periods of time where the signs and moon phases for the best times do not line up.
asked: 12-01-09 answered: 12-23-09
4 stars Avg. FAQ rating: 4 from 8 votes.

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