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Leo Full Moon

February 9, 2020


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Valentine's Heart
Full Moon
in: Leo 20°
February 9, 2020 @ 7:34 a.m. GMT
February 8, 2020 @ 11:34 p.m. PST -8
Sun is Aquarius, 20° 00'
Moon is Leo, 20° 00'

The Snow Full Moon is shining upon us, and some of us in the U.S. are actually dealing with snow at this time. As we wane out of Winter, towards Spring, we are looking forward to having more daylight in our days and some warmer weather [at least in the northern hemisphere]. The Sun in Aquarius is opposed by the Moon in Leo. The opposition is forming a loose wedge connection to Mars in Sagittarius. This connection helps us to see the opportunities as they occur, and also gives us the belief that we can do something with them. This may provide a lucky opportunity for many of us, but there are a few who will find that they need(ed) to do their research before accepting the invitation to what seemed to be, such a great deal. As the Sun moves through the last portion of Aquarius, we seem to be feeling a little worn down by all the activity. Too much is simply, too much to deal with. Aquarius is great at helping us to see the bigger picture, but there is a limit to what we can absorb before we burn out.

Mercury in Pisces is preparing to retrograde motion on February 17. We have a little over a week to get our planning for any travel or large purchases arranged before we risk dealing with the do-over master that Mercury becomes in retrograde. Mercury will retrograde motion until March 10. Then we will be in clean up mode for a few weeks after that.

Venus is in Aries already. Is our flirtation assertive, or beyond that? In Aries, we may find ourselves being more excited than usual when meeting someone who piques our interest. Venus is moving quickly ahead of the Sun through the signs, which is an indication that we are heading into another year when Venus will retrograde [in May] and be pulled back behind the Sun's transit in June, once again.

Jupiter, in Capricorn, is forming a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This can be a very intuitive time for most of us. But, be forewarned - we are likely to see things that we won't be able to forget, or "unsee."

So the big Saturn and Pluto conjunction on January 12 is still in effect. No longer exact, but still doing its thing through the rest of February and most of March. Then Saturn will ingress Pisces and in so doing, release us from this power-filled sucker punch. For today, Saturn is moving over a critical degree of Capricorn that amplifies its influence. This area of Capricorn is sub-ruled by Mercury. On the plus side, we may not feel quite so rigid with our perspective, and may begin to see other perspectives that might make more sense now. It was just a matter of time. While this may not change our opinions, we are more likely to experience what we could not, before.

Uranus is plugging along in Taurus and freely exploring the options available for now.

For the Out of Bounds (OOB) view, the Moon is in the Northern declinations, but did not peak Out of Bounds, heading towards the Southern declinations. February 18, 19 and 20, the Moon will push into the higher South declinations, then start heading North again. Jupiter is finishing up its high declination transit in the Southern area and will be comfortably back on track starting February 11. Mars, however, is already in the high South declinations and prepared to transit Out of Bounds today, on February 9. This OOB transit will last until March 3, before heading back into the high declinations section and gradually back into the typical region. The transit Out of Bounds by Mars can indicate periods of tensions that spontaneously boil over and then endure as we attempt to "prevent" this type of event from occurring again. The Mars OOB always involves "Life Lessons" of some type.

From the balance perspective, this chart is actually better balanced across receptives, elements and modes. So that's a positive. In other words, life may have a few rocky moments, but we have the skills necessary to deal with what ever gets thrown our way.

Happy Valentine's Day on February 14 to those who celebrate.

Meditation for the February 9th Full Moon
Fate itself is the ultimate Zen master.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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