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Aries Full Moon

October 20, 2021


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Full Moon
in: Aries 27°
October 20, 2021 @ 2:58 p.m. GMT
October 20, 2021 @ 7:58 a.m. PDT -7
Sun is Libra, 27° 26'
Moon is Aries, 27° 26'

The Sun's transit through Libra tends to be uplifting for some, while others seem to feel more anxious. The whole concept of peace and harmony can feel counterproductive for those who are wanting something different. Venus oversees the Libra influence in terms of equity and fairness. This full moon is usually known as the Hunter moon since the tribes' knew that in order to sustain themselves during the cold winter, they would need extra meat/protein to dry and carry them through the winter months. Hunter moon always follows the Harvest moon. While many envision this simply as killing buffalo, deer, moose, and bear, it also included collecting meat from the larger fish and water mammals; salmon, tuna, seals, sea lions, and whales, based on the resources available for the particular region.

The Sun and Mars are conjunct in Libra, which can also feel awkward, since Mars rarely contemplates about what is fair in life. Opposing the Moon in Aries, we may feel as though our emotions are on untested ground as we strive to find balance today. Our survival instincts may be stretched thin. Don't be surprised if we find ourselves making choices that we normally would not make. Regret for the wrong choice is part of the fall out. This is because, of course, Pluto (now moving direct) is forming a T-square to the full moon. In other words, try to find the high road, stick to it, and avoid making decisions that could work against our sense of security. The trine to Jupiter in Aquarius has the potential to expand on any given situation. What it expands will be the question for the day.

Mars is forming a loose quincunx to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We may not feel anything with this, because of all the other planetary influences. But for those who have planets close by in either location (Libra 23 or Pisces 20), there is the potential for this one to feel more significant. A possibility of an aggressive action is the likely outcome, although it may not be clear who the aggressor is, or what the root source of the action is stemming from.

Mercury in Libra is moving direct again, and we may be revisiting a few things over the next week or so. Tomorrow, it will move into a Yod with Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Short-lived, but will bring attention to a matter that we may have been avoiding until now. Most likely involving personal security or finances. Since it is so close to the full moon, it may feel like it is simply a part of the full moon event. But the key to this one is to watch for the Mercury transit to reach 13 degrees of Sagittarius (Dec. 3) during the next solar eclipse, when we find an answer or a solution to the problem.

Mercury is moving out of a trine aspect to Saturn (now moving direct) in Aquarius. There may be some feeling of familiarity to this one. Mercury was forming this same aspect to Saturn while it (Saturn) was retrograde between September 3 - 11, and now, there may be some clarity while both Mercury and Saturn are moving direct again. This second window is quick and will be complete by October 23. Most likely involves something associated with organizations, friends, or even science that could be changing our lives significantly. New doors may open up for us.

We talked a bit about Venus in Sagittarius earlier while it is forming a sextile to Mercury in Libra and a quincunx to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. These aspects are always a bit of a mystery in that they tend to challenge us, but not at all in a direct way. We tend to feel blind-sided by the event. Add in the fact that at this point in time, Venus is transiting Out of Bounds. This tends to add a state of vulnerability to our life, our decisions, and our options. Finances tend to quickly dwindle, and resources (or alliances) tend to become scarce. It is always good to plan ahead for unexpected events while Venus is transiting OOB. Not hoarding, but stockpiling enough resources to last an extra month or so, to get to the other side of whatever falls out of the situation. (Look back at the last article to read more about the Venus OOB transit.) Venus is heading into a square with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This could add to illusions of security that are not helpful to our situations.

The next OOB of the Moon will start October 24 and end October 28. With this extreme transit occurring while Venus is also OOB, we should become more aware of our surroundings during this period, especially if there are any storms predicted during that period.

Jupiter has finished its retrograde transit in Aquarius, and will move back into Pisces at the end of December.

Those of you that want to plan for Jupiter's Pisces transit can get a discount on our Jupiter in Pisces report that will be available the first of November.

This full moon chart is heavy with masculine receptive placements. The difficulties that we encounter may feel like they are all in our head (and they may actually be), but the challenges they present are still real to each of us, in a very unique way. Being told to get back in the saddle, or to pull up our bootstraps does little to help us solve the problems, because there is not a "physical" cause to the situations. In truth, the best solutions will come from reflection and personal insight. A person who can listen, without judgment, and can help us by being a sounding board, will be our best resource for this full moon's fall out.

The next full moon will be a lunar eclipse in November followed two weeks later with a solar eclipse the first week of December 3.

Meditation for the October 20th Full Moon
Learning to quiet the mind is the first step to enlightenment.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birthdays, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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