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Pisces New Moon

February 23, 2020


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New Moon
in: Pisces 4°
February 23, 2020 @ 3:33 p.m. GMT
February 23, 2020 @ 7:33 a.m. PST -8
Sun is Pisces, 4° 28'
Moon is Pisces, 4° 28'

This crazy Mercury Retrograde has me all befuddled and I lost track of the days. Sorry this report is so last minute.

The New Moon in Pisces is an indication that the winter season is just about over (or summer, depending on where you live). The Pisces influence tends to summarize the past year of events and can help us bring closure or resolution on the events of the past year. This New Moon is a bit more intense in that the event is occuring during a critical degree in Pisces. There can be self-sacrificing tendencies but also intuitive and spiritual traits thrown in since this decan is sub-ruled by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, giving us a double dose of Neptune's energy for the day.

The new moon is conjunct to Mercury in retrograde motion, potentially adding to any feelings of confusion or mistakes that have been popping up since Mercury began its retrograde motion on February 17.

The new moon is also acting as a go between for Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. These are all soft aspects between them, but with Mercury's retrograde motion in the mix, it could stifle our decisions. We may feel motivated to start something, but feel unsure where to go with it. We may feel like leading but have problems with people who feel we aren't prepared to lead. Perhaps this is a better time for just planning instead of actually doing.

Venus in Aries is forming a square aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn. While we may be feeling as though we have something important to say, others are not so impressed by our message. As they say, "don't kill the messenger." On the other hand, wait a few days to let the truth be known so that others don't end up with harsh judgments about a sensitive topic.

Mars, as mentioned earlier, is transiting Capricorn. What was not mentioned is that Mars began transiting out of bounds (OOB) on February 9 and will continue OOB until March 3. There is always the potential for some form of major emergency event to occur while Mars is OOB or just as it is in the process of moving back into the traditional declination status. Mars is the only planet transiting OOB and there are no other planets even in the high declinations with the exception of the Moon for a few days. The Moon already pushed into the high declinations between February 18 and 20, while Mars was OOB. The Moon will do it once more while Mars is just moving back into the high declinations between March 4th and 6th, while that is the last transitions of the Mars' transit Out of Bounds.

Saturn in Capricorn has moved past Pluto but the conjunction continues to cause us to feel some insecurities and power issues. Next month, Saturn will ingress Aquarius for a whole new attitude and perspective on life.

Neptune in Pisces, is of course, right at home and feeling some inspiration from the other planets visiting this sign. Today, Neptune is crossing over a different critical degree of Pisces and this one is sub-ruled by the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. There is the potential for sadness or self-deprecation wrapped into our behaviors today. It won't hurt to honor these feelings for the day, but don't get too attached to them. As soon as possible, we need to dust off these feelings and get back to seeking positive changes for our own benefit.

All in all, this chart is set up with nine feminine receptive placements. Venus is the only planet transiting through a masculine sign. As such, we can take the time to nurture without fear of others looking at us as though we are being weak, since we are all feeling the need to nurture something. Almost all the planets are in Earth and Water elements today. As some might say, it might be the best day ever to simply wallow in whatever we need to wallow in. And interestingly, almost all the planets are in Cardinal and Mutable signs, encouraging us to get matters dealt with and moving along. As mentioned earlier, we might want to wait a day or two before actually taking initiative since there are just enough planets set up in a way that there is going to be some resistance. At least today there will be, then the resistance will lighten up.

Meditation for the February 23rd New Moon
In plants, as in people, the strongest candidate for survival is often the "volunteer."

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