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Sagittarius New Moon

December 7, 2018


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New Moon
in: Sagittarius 15°
December 7, 2018 @ 7:20 a.m. GMT
December 6, 2018 @ 11:20 p.m. PST -8
Sun is Sagittarius, 15° 07'
Moon is Sagittarius, 15° 07'

The sun and moon join up in Sagittarius to help consolidate our energies and optimism. This would normally help us to find solace as we move into holiday season. However, this new moon is forming a conjoined square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces that challenges us to open our minds to perspectives that we may not normally consider.

Mercury stationed yesterday and is now moving direct once again. Now we are in clean up time as Mercury moves through the retrograde's shadow. Little niggling issues may still haunt us, but, over time, situations that Mercury messed with, will begin to get back on track.

Venus recently ingressed back into Scorpio after its retrograde motion that ended on November 16. Over the past few days, Venus has been opposing Uranus retrograde which recently re-entered Aries. This is now considered an out of sign opposition, however there's still a pow factor that Uranus can throw at us from relationship matters to money matters. Keep a close eye on your financial records, be it credit card bills or checking account issues that can crop up and cause us serious headaches. Money may suddenly disappear due to mistakes or fraud.

There is not a lot of activity in this new moon chart, but don't let that fool us into thinking we are going to get an easy time of it.

With no planets in the Air elements, we may not feel as though we have any choices. We are less adaptable to change. Depression and anxiety may surface as we encounter matters that cause us to feel helpless or hopeless. This may be more of a mind over matter new moon, in order to keep from losing our momentum. Sometimes, helping others, actually helps us too. Try not to focus on self, even though that's what we are inclined to do during a new moon.

Meditation for the December 7th New Moon
You will meet yourself wherever you go.

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