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Pisces Solar Eclipse

March 9, 2016


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Solar Eclipse
in: Pisces 18°
March 9, 2016 @ 1:56 a.m. GMT
March 8, 2016 @ 5:56 p.m. PST -8
Sun is Pisces, 18° 56'
Moon is Pisces, 18° 56'

The Sun is moving through the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and when the Moon joins it, we will be experiencing a solar eclipse. This Eclipse will be total, and many of us are already feeling the affects of the chart. That's the nature of a solar eclipse. We can start feeling the influence as early as a month before the actual event, especially when it is a total eclipse. The solar eclipse is caused by the Moon being in direct alignment between the Earth and the Sun. Solar eclipses only occur during a new moon, so the Moon must be in the same sign as the Sun and in the same alignment, for it to be a solar eclipse.

This Eclipse will be visible over the Indian and Pacific Ocean, north of Australia. The total can be seen from Indonesia moving over Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi. The eclipse as a partial will be visible from New Guinea (March 9 @ approx 11:28 am) and Hawaii (March 8 @ approx 5:58 pm) as the eclipse moves over the international dateline.

The solar eclipse saros series 130 originated on August 26, 1096 at 6:35 p.m. in the southern hemisphere and joined the 18th nodal family. This placed the Sun in the sign of Virgo in the first decan and the second duad. Mercury and Venus are the sub-rulers, giving this series a critical eye for detail and beauty. Adding in the Pisces energies, there can be a spiritual or intuitive nature that wash over us. We do need to be careful to avoid being too day-dreamy or haphazard in our thoughts, since this could put us in harms way.

There are several significant aspects formed within the solar eclipse chart. The Eclipse is opposing Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, so we may not feel too lucky with situations today. Don't count on having good judgement, right now. The Eclipse is square to Saturn in Sagittarius as part of a T-square to Jupiter. Expect to have to navigate around a series of roadblocks. The positive aspect from the Eclipse is a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. At least we will have some level of endurance to deal with the misfortune that will inevitably crop up.

Mercury is also in Pisces adding some form of dysfunction, while it is conjunct to Neptune. At least neither of them is moving in a retrograde motion. But we may not be able to rely on our wits to get us out of trouble, today.

Venus is finishing up in Aquarius. We may try to wing a friendship that simply comes across as cool and impersonal. Don't let this cause any hurt feelings. Take it for what it is.

Mars just ingressed Sagittarius. So we are likely to feel a shift in our physical energies. Ease into this to adjust to the new level of vitality. Don't over exercise for the next day or two.

Jupiter retrograde in Virgo is forming a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. While we may feel as though we have power over others, we may discover that we have little understanding of what that means. We need to act with responsibility and not try to dominate.

Saturn in Sagittarius is forming a trine aspect to Uranus in Aries. This can improve our work ethics and we can suddenly shine bright. Time to lace up those boots and get to work.

The Uranus square to Pluto continues to cause us to want to revolt. We want change, but are we making the best choices about change, or are we looking for change just for the sake of change? We truly need to think about the consequences of our choices so that we are prepared to live with them in the future.

Overall, this Eclipse is pushing us to think more about community and interconnections. We feel stronger, internally. We probably are stronger. Yet, we may also feel a bit depressed or melancholy with the change of events. We want to look back, but may feel disappointed with the outcome. This chart is filled with Water placements that have us reflecting more than usual. The factor of this chart that may hit us harder than we anticipate is the very large number of Mutable placements. We may find that we can't seem to make the right decisions. Finding the balance between what we want, and what we need will not come so easily with this Eclipse. Try not to make the important decisions with our hearts. Or, wait a day or two, to see what comes of the situation before making a choice.

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Meditation for the March 9th Solar Eclipse
The most interesting person you ever meet in your life may be yourself.

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1) Goldschneider, G.  1994, The secret language of birth, New York, NY; London, Engl.: Victoria, Austr.: Auckland, NZ., Penguin Studio Books.

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