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Sun Sun Sign in Capricorn Capricorn 1° 18'

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Current Moon Sign
Moon Moon Signs in Capricorn Capricorn 16° 46'
December 23, 2014 Tue UTC

The Next Moon Event is:
Full Moon - Cancer
January 5, 2014 2015 4:54 AM GMT
Dec. 23rd's New Moon Phase

The Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses happen in pairs or trios, or on a very rare occasion, as a quartet. In any given 350(ish) day period, there will be two sets of eclipses that belong in an "eclipse family" also known as a nodal family. Learn more about eclipses and when the next set of eclipses will occur in the Lunar and Solar Eclipses piece.

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Where Are
They Now?

Moon Moon 16°Moon Sign is currently Capricorn 46'
Sun SunSun Sign is currently Capricorn 18'
Mercury MercuryMercury Sign is currently Capricorn 38'
Venus Venus 15°Venus Sign is currently Capricorn 43'
Mars Mars 14°Mars Sign is currently Aquarius 11'
Jupiter Jupiter 22°Jupiter Sign is currently Leo 18'in retrograde transit
Saturn Saturn 29°Saturn Sign is currently Scorpio 58'
Chiron Chiron 13°Chiron Sign is currently Pisces 31'
Uranus Uranus 12°Uranus Sign is currently Aries 34'
Neptune NeptuneNeptune Sign is currently Pisces 12'
Pluto Pluto 12°Pluto Sign is currently Capricorn 52'

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