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Sun Sun Signs in Leo 7° 48'

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Current Moon Sign
Moon Moon Signs in Virgo 22° 36'
July 31, 2014 Thu UTC

The Next Moon Event is:
Full Moon - Aquarius
August 10, 2014 6:11 PM GMT
Jul. 31st's Daily Moon Phase

Daily Activities Planner

The Moon can help you choose a better day for activities, from fixing a fence to weaning your puppy. Hair care and health appointments can also be influenced by the moon signs and moon phases. The Daily Planner is updated each month. The planner also has a regional function so that you can find the best dates for your location. Try Lunar Living's daily schedule page today. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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Planetary Places
 Moon 22°Moon Sign is currently Virgo 36'
 SunSun Sign is currently Leo 48'
 Mercury 28°Mercury Sign is currently Cancer 11'
 Venus 15°Venus Sign is currently Cancer 5'
 MarsMars Sign is currently Scorpio 38'
 JupiterJupiter Sign is currently Leo 15'
 Saturn 16°Saturn Sign is currently Scorpio 45'
 Chiron 17°Chiron Sign is currently Pisces 3'in retrograde transit
 Uranus 16°Uranus Sign is currently Aries 29'in retrograde transit
 NeptuneNeptune Sign is currently Pisces 57'in retrograde transit
 Pluto 11°Pluto Sign is currently Capricorn 39'in retrograde transit

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